Music. Emotions. Birth.

I’ve just got back from a trip to ikea and have spent the morning listening to the radio. I tend to chop and change now between Magic and Heart, god I must be old! And this morning a few songs came on that either made me beam and grin at some wonderful memories and others came on which sent tears streaming down my face!

Songs such as those from Capitals Summertime Ball 2009 and Jingle Bell Ball 2009 just make me smile so much from the wonderful time I had with my friends those days! Songs such as Akons Right Now

and Enrique Iglesias who was just WOW! and made me love him even more than I did already!

Then there are other songs which remind me of harder times, such as those days after I lost my Grandparents back in 2004 when I was extremely lost and ended up getting myself involved with some people who ultimately weren’t good for me. So when I heard I’ll Stand By You this morning in the car I ended up with tears streaming down my face! Thank god for sunglasses!

Some of you will have read my post last week about planning a c-section and choosing some music. Every time a song came on this morning that reminded me of a special time, good or bad, it made me realise that whatever CD I decide to take into theatre with me is going to be one that is going to stick with me forever. At the moment there are a few albums in my mind. Enya’s A Day Without Rain, however thats my sleep music so I’m thinking maybe not such a fab idea? One I’m really drawn to at present is Escala’s album which I absolutely adore (see here if you don’t know who I mean!) but then theres also The Fray and The Script’s albums, both of which I ADORE!

So go on who would be your choice?
The Fray’s – How to Save a Life
The Script – The Script
Enya – A Day without Rain
Escala – Escala

It’s a strange thought to think that this time in 7 weeks I’ll have spent my first night in hospital, have a baby, hopefully be getting the knack of breastfeeding and not in too much pain and having had a smooth birth *Fingers firmly crossed*. We shall see!


One thought on “Music. Emotions. Birth.

  1. I love the Script. Mr Foodie and I are going to their concert on July 2nd here. Not sure if it’s a good idea at 34 weeks pregnant but I wouldn’t miss it.

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