Review: Lisa Jewell – The Making of Us

I adore Lisa DS1ewell books so when the opportunity came up to review her recent novel The Making of Us I jumped at the chance.

So what is it about? Well The Making of Us centres around one gentleman, Daniel, he is now elderly and fighting cancer in a hospice, he doesn’t have long left. He shares with his dearest friend his life long secret that he was a sperm donor and fathered four children. The book follows the story of these four children, Daniel and Maggie (his dearest friend) as their worlds collide.

Each chapter is based on a different character, soemthing I initially found quite hard work to read as I kept having to return to the back cover to remind me of who they were, probably baby brain taking hold!

All the characters lead very different lives, one who is extremely privileged, another who barely has a penny to his name. Until this stage in their lives none of them have known/or been interested in finding their donor father.

Daniel has decided he would like to meet the children he is going to be leaving behind before he passes away and so Maggie sets out to find them.

I won’t spoil the story for you because its a brilliant summer read and a fantastic piece of chick lit but its a fantastic read and I found I couldn’t put it down at times! Out of 10? Definitely a strong 8!

You can purchase Lisa DS1ewell – The Making of Us from Amazon for £7.40.

Disclosure: I have a material connection because I received a product for the purposes of review, that I can keep. No payment was received.


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