In defence of teachers…

Now as parents I am sure many of us are aware of the fact thousands of teachers will be on strike on Thursday. But I’m sure plenty of people aren’t aware of why. Well as the Guardian put it “Teachers and lecturers are protesting against proposed pension changes, which they say will lead to them working longer, paying in more and receiving less when they retire.”.

Being a parent I can respect the fact that it is an inconvenience for many parents who are having to arrange extra childcare or take time off work, yes its a pain in the arse there is no denying that. But put yourself in the teachers shoes. Looks a bit different then doesn’t it?

My Mum is a teacher, and also an early years co-ordinator meaning she is part of the senior management team. Initially when I asked her if she was striking there was a firm yes. However last week their headteacher made it clear she wasn’t happy with peoples plans to strike and a number of teachers, my Mum included decided against striking. However I’ve got to say kudos to the one teacher who has said she is still striking. After all it is a right that we have as humans to strike and it is ONE DAY! So all those people spouting rubbish about “It affects my childs education” no it doesn’t! It affects it no more than an inset day or when they have a day off sick! Its one day, not a whole week they are going on strike for!

Next term preschooler starts school and it is looking likely that there will be more strikes on the same subject in the coming months and most likely preschooler will end up having to have a day or two off, will I get upset that one day out of the week where he has to be at home? No! Because these teachers have the right to protest against these changes. They have a right to take action en mass and to make a point to the government. If they didn’t and they just sit back and do nothing they are going to be worse off for it! Would you just sit back and do nothing if it was you? Probably not! So don’t be angry at the teachers for standing up for themselves and their rights, just like you would do!


7 thoughts on “In defence of teachers…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Well said! For goodness sake, it’s just a day. More than that, do people really want teachers to have to work longer? Shouldn’t we be encouraging them to be able to retire and allow more new blood into the teacher workforce? (Contentious, I know!). Strike away teachers – you have my support.

  2. I’d be more inclined to sympathy if one of our local teachers hadn’t proudly proclaimed she was spending Thursday down the cinema 😡

    Additionally, our school is moving all the traditional evening consultations (parents evening etc) to during the day. This means, ignoring the strike, we’ve had to find 5 days of annual leave between us this year so far. It’s not as if the meetings are first thing either, 10am is slap bang in the middle of the morning an a pain in the arse.

    I fail to see how schools that do this are meeting their OFSTED obligation to be accessible, it makes it near on impossible for working parents.

    1. I was shocked when I saw on your lovely wife’s twitter that your school do their meetings during the day, I’ve never heard of a school do that! My Mum has to go in after work, for no extra pay for all the reception welcome evenings etc and its the same in all schools around here. That’s definitely a first for me! As for a teacher declaring shes going down the cinema, more fool her! She’s clearly striking for the wrong reasons!

  3. PS I would get upset about strikes disrupting pre-schoolers, it makes it much harder for them to get into a routine and settle if they don’t know whether they’re at school or not!

  4. Do people want their children taught by a 65y old? I personally attend parents evenings, write reports, attend inset all outside of my contracted hours because I am part time. However I do this as it benefits my students who I am so committied to. As a teacher myself this is what I think is best for my students. Everyone of us has the democratic right to hold back our labour power – it is a basic human right. My union are not out – but if it was I would find it very difficult not to support them. I would use my union in a flash if I was unfairly accused anything or to protect my reputation, therefore I should stand shoulder to shoulder with them when they ask for my support.

    Remember that far from an extra holiday – it is an unpaid day. So those striking are standing up for what they believe in. If they didnt they would be inside their classrooms taking the money. Teachers are also fiancially losing out tomorrow.

  5. Well said. I know the French always look like they’re on strike (which is mostly true lol). But striking is a right that was hard earned. One day is not going to make a difference. How many parents take their children out for one day although they are not really sick, just because it’s convenient for them?

  6. As a teacher myself (now a SAHM), I support the strike completely. They’re doing it because they have to – not because they want to. It does affect parents and childcare, etc. But everyone has to look at the bigger picture.

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