Dear so and so, the pregnancy edition

I’ve watched for months now as people have written “Dear so and so” posts after Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow started it as a linky. I’ve never felt the need to participate, but recently there have been a few dear so and so letters milling around in my head and so here you go, heres my first attempt at a dear so and so!


Dear Midwife,

You are lovely. But you are young and naive. You can try and get different things into place but I’m telling you now no matter how hard you try it wont happen. I’m just sorry you haven’t been at my surgery the whole way through my pregnancy and that I’m only going to get to meet you twice, you seem lovely.


Stressed out second time mummy.


Dear Consultant,

You are fantastic, you are so laid back, you have years of knowledge, jeez you were working at the hospital when Mum had me there 21 years ago, I trust you explicitly and I can relax in the knowledge that you know my anatomy and what to expect when you cut me open in less than 3 weeks time. I just pray for your stress levels and for my health that my body doesn’t produce any untoward surprises this time but I also know if ti does I can trust you 100% to handle it and put it right!


Grateful patient relying on you to save her from coming close to death during this birth, no pressure!


Dear Birth Reflections Midwife,

You have been an amazing source of support for me throughout this pregnancy. I now understand both what happened during preschoolers birth but also why in some circumstances. You have helped me piece together the flashbacks and how it all made me feel. Thank you for spending those 2.5 hours reading through my notes and chopping back and forth trying to make sense of the mess that they were in with so much that was there. I may not remember it myself but at least I have the knowledge now. You’ve also helped give me some control for this birth when I felt like I had none. You have been kind enough to take the time to show me theatre and introduce me to staff who may or may not be there on the day, but all of whom have been able to answer any questions I’ve had. Thanks to you I feel *almost* ready for this birth, as ready as I ever will be I guess.


Forever grateful client of your kind words, medical understanding and empathy.


Dear Body,

Yes you are carrying a baby but by god I hate you at the moment. Why I am not embracing and adoring these changes like I did with preschoolers birth I do not know, but you have changed in so many different ways this time and I just don’t like it. I will be glad to start being able to take control of my body again soon, I will then declare war upon you, be warned.

Pissed off brain.


Dear Bump,

Mummys bladder is not a punch bag! Nor are my ribs a xylophone! Its uncomfy! Your measuring 3 weeks ahead last time I was measured, why do I have a funny feeling your not going to be as small as I had anticipated? Won’t be long until I know for certain!

See you in 17 days.

Your long suffering Mum!

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2 thoughts on “Dear so and so, the pregnancy edition

  1. ahhh sweet i so get these msgs, let me reaasure you tho – no 2 was the easiest even tho he was the biggest! The second time can be different and magical and easy and help answer those questions you have raised. Thinking of you xxx

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