Hospital Bag for C-sections…

Well clearly I can get away with the not taking in supplies for during labour! I don’t need to think about snacks that are easy to eat or drinks. I don’t need to worry about what I’m going to wear during labour. So in theory I should be able to pack lighter right? Not sure I’m managing that at the moment but there you go!

So here is my current hospital bag for a c-section list:

Bag 1 :: For whilst we are on HDU (where theatre is):

  • My C-section Birth Plan
  • CD of chosen music for theatre (Still haven’t decided!)
  • Charged up camera, I NEED a picture of my mum in scrubs hehe!
  • My iPod to listen to Tums2Mums hypnos whilst shitting it for the 3 hours before hand!
  • Outfit and a nappy or two for the baby
  • Facial Wipes
  • My SIGG Water Bottle
  • My Birthing Shirt for the moment I can get out of that sodding hospital gown!

Bag 2 :: Will be in car until we are moved to the ward, hopefully that day!

  • BIG Granny Pants and Disposable pants! Alot of people dislike the disposables but I loved them after I had DS1! So comfy and could just be lobbed in the bin!
  • Numerous packs of Maternity Pads
  • A box of breast pads
  • Bunch of nursing bras (note to self go and buy some!)
  • Few nighties for while I still have the catheter in
  • Black PDS1 bottoms/trackies for when the catheter is out
  • Dettol wipes, tons of them. Don’t get me wrong my local hospital has improved in recent years but aren’t all us mums cleanliness obsessed?
  • Present from the baby to preschooler already wrapped
  • Bunch of baby-grows and vests
  • A few muslins *:p* that I am going to sleep with for a while before so they have my smell on in case the baby has to go to NICU
  • Toiletries, who knew you could get mini toner and facial cleanser!? And my lifesaver dry shampoo in case the birth goes how preschoolers did.
  • My own towel, my Sporty Bump one because it will definitely protect my modesty!
  • My Theraline Maternity Pillow for breastfeeding and propping myself up in bed.
  • Going home outfit for me, consisting of trackies and a vest! And for baby, which is preschoolers present to the baby!
  • Notebook and pen, no doubt baby brain is only going to get worse!
  • Arnica Tablets
  • Rescue Remedy
  • Slippers
  • Peppermint oil capsules
  • Moist toilet tissue, hygiene and all that!

I know that’s not all that I currently have piled on top of my suitcase to pack but I’m almost there. Priority this week is to buy some nursing bras. Any suggestions on sizing?

I can’t believe its just two weeks now until the day. I feel somewhat ready, but a huge part of me is absolutely shitting a brick! The birth reflections midwife has made a real difference in informing me of what will happen during the section and the order of things etc but it hasn’t stopped me being fearful of it. I can’t help but think of the flashbacks I have of preschoolers birth. I know it is less likely to go that way this time but I also know that my consultant can’t say for certain that it wont. Should probably write my will, just in case you know!

So have I forgotten anything? What else should I pack for post c-section?


9 thoughts on “Hospital Bag for C-sections…

  1. Sounds like your all sorted! I especially like the few muslims that your going to sleep with. What about muslins for the baby?? 😉

  2. erm, i think you mean muslins – unless you really are going to sleep with some muslims a few days before having the baby… 😉

  3. Oh. We have gone through the ordeal of packing the bag too… Grrr, hated every minute of it. I’m sure I forgot stuff anyway and that’s why I hated it. I can’t figure out what though…Sounds like you are pretty much all ready to go!

    1. Ooo thanks! I had seen them and wondered how effective they are but its good to hear that people have found them helpful! Shall go and order some! 😀

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