9 months of not…

Pregnancy has of course meant giving up some things. The usual alcohol, soft cheeses etc don’t apply to me as I don’t eat/drink them anyway so that hasn’t bothered me. But there are some things I have really missed the past nine months.

Exercise! Because of my high risk pregnancy my consultant banned me from anything more strenuous than a few lengths of the pool or gentle walking. For someone that uses running as therapy that has been hell on earth, I wrote about it a while back. Every time I see someone out running at the moment I envy them! I cannot wait to get my running shoes on and get out there pounding the pavements again! Really cannot wait!

Tattoos. A funny one I know. And of course I don’t get tattoos all the time anyway but its the knowing you cant do something that makes you want it even more isn’t it! A few friends have got them whilst I’ve been pregnant and I have been hideously jealous! I cant wait to save up and get my next one as well as adding bumps name to my wrist alongside preschoolers.

Enjoying food! Ok so if I’m as unlucky as I was with preschooler I am probably going to have a baby which wakes the moment you sit down to eat your dinner no matter how settled they were two seconds earlier, as my mum always told me, they knew you’ve switched off from them. But at least I’ll be able to stomach food! At the moment I feel so sick from the pressure bump is putting on my stomach I am eating kids size portions and extremely plain food. To the point that today’s lunch consisted of buttered baguette! Nice huh? Even if I have a baby that wakes the moment dinner is on the table at least I will be able to enjoy food again and the tastes and flavours!

But above all do you know what I’ve missed the most? Rough and tumble with my boy! I have missed it so much! Usually I’ll be the first to get down on the floor with him for tickle fights and to play aeroplanes etc and of course for nine months I’ve had to be careful! I think its starting to bug him too as he’s recently taken to launching himself onto my Mum and her best friend who he adores. He literally jumps his full almost three stone weight and throws himself onto them! He has been so good about being careful of Mummys bump and knowing that Mummy hasn’t been able to do as much but boy I can’t wait till my scar is healed and I can start being the hands on rough and tumble mummy again! Although all the extra cuddles have been lovely!

Did you miss anything in pregnancy? What was it?


2 thoughts on “9 months of not…

  1. I missed pate.. I’d just found it and then 9 months without it… I think I gorged that much on it after I had had H that I can’t really eat it that much anymore haha! I know how you feel about not being able to play with you lil one. H is 17 weeks old and because of some medical conditions I cant even pick her up or feed her. At the moment, because I have the lurgy I cant even give her a kiss so big sympathy with you on that one. When are you due?

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