Review: Bravado’s Body Silk Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra

Price: £29.70
Buy Online:  For your local stockist or online stockist please visit www.

What The Retailer Says About It…

Bravado’s Body Silk Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra is one of the few bras that effortlessly combines faultless style with impressive comfort, moulding itself onto a woman’s unique shape and providing her with fabulous support. The moulded, removable, foam cups can cleverly turn the Body Silk Seamless into a T-Shirt bra that will hide breast pads, whilst the strong proprietary clips are not only invisible under close-fitting clothing, they are also easy to open and close with one hand. With such a thoughtful and versatile design, and a great (increasing) range of colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that this bra is a lingerie draw staple.

Initial Thoughts…

This bra arrived a few days after I came home from hospital when I had massively engorged breasts as my milk was coming in, none of the bras I had were comfortable so I was praying this was going to be a lifeline! I love that its not a standard colour, mine is Teal Blue and makes a pleasant change from black and white!

What I Liked…

The removable foam cups are a great idea, I’ve had them in most of the time just because they are so comfortable! The bra is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever worn! The material is smooth and moulds well to your body shape. The sizing is suitable for your growing and changing breasts as your milk comes in and its easy for feeding too.
I Wasn’t Keen…

The only thing I found was although the foam cups make the bra nice and comfortable when your feeding it makes folding up the cup part of the bra quite difficult and bulky and also when you’ve washed the bra its quite fiddly to get them back into place, but once you have learnt which way they go it gets easier, that or you can remove them and use the bra without them.


Within a few days of wearing the bra I knew I needed another one of these! The sizing is great and fits so comfortably! Compared to many others that have felt restrictive when breasts are full of milk this bra doesn’t get that and provides adequate support for growing and changing boobs! Would thoroughly recommend it to any pregnant/nursing women.

Star Rating: 4+ out of 5

Disclosure: Product recieved free in exchange for this review.


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