The Mylo :: First Impressions!

A few weeks ago I got an email from MumPanel to say we had been selected to test out the Mamas and Papas Mylo pushchair and on Wednesday this week it arrived, two massively heavy boxes of it! My best friend was over at the time and got extremely excited and said she would build it! I don’t think she realised what she’d let herself in for! We unpacked all the pieces and it literally covered the living room! I’ve never seen a buggy that has needed so much construction and I’ve had a few of them!

The carry-cot was the easy part, it was simply a case of putting the hood onto it but the seat unit well that was a whole different story! It took around an hour for my best friend, and my mum when she appeared home, to build it. You have to popper the seat cushion part to the seat unit as well as attaching the hood and the handle to it. The instruction manual consists of some very confusing pictures and a few times it took us a while to decipher exactly what part the picture was trying to illustrate! Personally with instructions I’m quite a wordy person however there are no written instructions in this manual! DS1ust pictures!

One of the big headaches we had with it was attaching the basket bit underneath, every time you attached one side another side popped off! However Mamas and Papas tell me this isn’t the first they had heard of it and that the next lot that are being manufactured are having the basket already attached! Not that helpful for us though lol! They also, after we’d almost done it, sent me a video which shows how it goes together, you can see that HERE.

The carry-cot I have to say I’m really impressed with. It can be used as an overnight bed, it has a rocker and also a stand, it also has a raise-able head section so you can elevate it! Its also quite wide and spacious which makes me think it will last longer.

One thing we did discover yesterday though was this is not a buggy for country living! Its definately a city living buggy! We took it on a gravely type path and moo hated it and wouldn’t settle, it also felt bone shaking on your arms, so we took him out and carried him instead! However on the trip we took for a short walk out on pavements it felt nice and comfortable to push. The carry-cot is high up and you feel like your baby is nearby and the handle is comfortable and suitable for one handed pushing if required to do so.

Our Mylo is in the Dove Grey colour but they also do it in Plum Pudding, Welly Green and Black DS1ack, the Mylo currently retails at £695 and this includes chassis, seat unit, carrycot base, two hoods, carrycot apron, shopping basket and pushchair and carrycot rain cover. You can also get adaptors to use a car seat with the pram however this is an extra cost.

Nice and flat

Quite wide
Modelling in front of the lake!

Keep an eye out for our further thoughts on the Mylo as we use it more!

Disclaimer: Buggy received free in exchange for review


One thought on “The Mylo :: First Impressions!

  1. I am a Mylo owner and always look forward to using it! I have the dove grey and lime and I agree it was confusing to use at the start. I have the backrest in grey and then bought the liner and footmuff in lime so as a result my baby’s sitting on lime with grey seatbelts! Oh well.

    I loved using the carrycot with the stand which lasted much longer than a Moses basket, and R is a long baby! He’s now 7 months old so has already gone into the cot. We are now using the pushchair in parent facing mode and he seems to enjoy it and doesn’t mind the countryside walks.

    I agree that the shopping basket is a pain. It works best when you have something in it.

    Hope you enjoy using it. Thanks for the review.

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