Breastfeeding :: The early days

So during my pregnancy I made no secret of my desire to breastfeed, my guilt over not breastfeeding Preschooler and the preparations I put into place to hopefully help me this time around.

Five weeks after moo was born and where are we?

Well as of yet we haven’t touched a bottle! Its been a complete rollercoaster, as expected. There have been times when I have wanted to just pack it in but then at other times when he latches on well I wonder why I have considered stopping!

His first feed in hospital was great, we got to HDU and the nursery nurse was there ready to help him latch on although he didn’t need much assistance in that department then. After that initially he was feeding every 4-5 hours for the first few days and we had a great deal of difficulty with his latch, he was being stubborn and didn’t want to open his mouth big enough, or at all if he really wasn’t in the mood for a feed! By night 2 my nipples were raw and I was an emotional wreck having seen preschooler that day and was missing him so I begged the midwife to help me express for him. We expressed 5ml colostrum in half an hour and she was surprised at how much I had and how rich it was. She syringe fed it to moo and by the morning having done that for night feeds I felt ready to attempt feeding again. I knew I had to If I wanted to go home that day! We did and homeward bound we were.

On day 4 my boobs were like a pair of rocks and moo wouldn’t/couldn’t latch on. The visiting midwife that day advised had expressing some off to soften them a bit! So for a while we tried that. In the end a midwife advised that because I had such a huge amount of milk that moo wasn’t using to express that and freeze it so we did that for a while.

Since then we are now at week five. As my twitter followers know we are still fighting the latch. If he goes on well he quickly repositions himself to mean he is merely sucking the nipple! Twitter has however been a fantastic source of support and I can’t thank the twitter mummies whove given me tips enough!

We’re going back to try and see the feeding midwife again and see if they can help anymore although previously the one I have seen wasn’t helpful! I also need to try the NCT line I think.

However through all the pain and toe curling I haven’t considered stopping! The hv asked what formula I planned to use, my answer? Haven’t even thought about it! I know the pain will get better and the benefits such as not needing to take bottles out with us etc as well as feeding being free far outweigh the pain!

It’s just a case of persevering. She says!


14 thoughts on “Breastfeeding :: The early days

  1. Well done on keeping at it. I’m reading this as I feed my baby, this is the first of my 3 who hasn’t had any bottles. There are times I feel like giving up, mostly so I can sleep, but they soon pass and I know we’re doing OK. He’s now a chunky 3 month old and I’m proud to say “I did that”.

  2. Well done with the breastfeeding and getting past that initial feeling of wanting to give up. I felt the same, especially with the super rock hard boobs. I used to use a warm flannel on them to sooth the pain!
    A belated congratulations on the baby xxx

  3. Well done! The early days are so very tough especially whe you already have a lil one to run after!! My son was the same with his latch, only ever took the nipple, it is just perseverance and making sure you have got a good position before you start. The nct helpline is great and le leache are also a good source of support as well, they run breastfeeding cafes near to me, may be worth seeing if there is one in your local area?! Well done though for sticking with it 🙂 x

  4. Huge, huge well done hugs to you and Moo. I didn’t manage to breastfeed Boo and I really, really hope I manage to give it a good go when #2 comes along. Your post has given me a little ray of light that it *is* possible.
    I know how hard it is (and that toe curling pain when the latch isn’t right is still a vivid memory!) so good on you for pushing through it – I bet soon he will be feeding like a pro 🙂 x

  5. Well done! My daughter is 4 months old now, I had terrible start to breastfeeding- cracked and bleeding nipples, breaking into sweat every time she latched on and dreading every feed. I’ve seen so many breastfeeding friends, supporters, midwives etc. – you wouldn’t believe! No one could help. The amount of information I read about breastfeeding beats every diploma! Everything stabilized when she was 5 weeks old, she just did it herself- maybe she grew bigger, maybe she learned how to open her mouth wide enough- I don’t know! My husband is still amazed at how I did not give it up seeing how much pain I was going though. Now it is an absolute bliss to breastfeed and SUCH A PLEASURE! I love it and am so proud to have perservered! Keep it up and good luck! xxx

  6. I had loads of problems with my first daughter, I had enough milk for the whole street, huge engorged breasts & she was a snack feeder. Sorry slightly tmi LOL I ended up expressing off before feeds & if my boobs got too full, but just enough to get them not as sore so I wasn’t promoting huge milk production. She was also a lazy latcher and I got cracked & bleeding nipples too. I used to make her relatch whenever she slipped to nipple only and although it was faff and annoying having to relatch her loads, she eventually got the message and latched properly. I had no probs with breastfeeding other 2 daughters, I think I had more than my share of issues with the first one LOL

    Well done for persevering, La Leche might be able to help as they have lactation consultants as well as NCT. You’re doing so well, you should be proud of how well you’re coping. Best wishes, huge high 5 and big hugs xx

    1. Exactly my problem! Enough milk I feel like a bloody cow! It’s just the latch! He goes on and then moves it so it’s just nipple! So frustrating!!!!

  7. Well done on perserving the latch will get better I promise. I am 5 months and 4 weeks into breastfeeding and have had latch issues, too fast letdown and over supply of milk the later 2 as a result of the first.

    My little one used to click constantly when feeding which meant her latch moved and changed and it was agony. I popped my finger in the side of her mouth and then relatched her. I don’t know when it improved but by 10 weeks the pain wasn’t an issue and the latch was fine for the 12 week growth spurt.

    One of the things I was told about the latching on issues it can be due to a tongue tie so it maybe worth having that checked out LLL have lactation consultants that are trained in this as do the breast feeding network.

    Good luck and hope that the latch improves

  8. Good for you! I truly hope things have improved for you since posting your blog. I too experienced similar problems with my daughter, I will never forget the pain and suffering I went through until a friend of mine leant me the saviour of many a mother – it came in the form of a DVD… it’s called ‘Breast-feeding Without Tears With Clare Byam-Cook’ . The advice was excellent and being able to watch and learn, stop and pause in the comfort of your own home with babe in arms was ideal. Best of luck! x

  9. Hi! No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth lol. Had my little baby boy nearly 4 weeks ago now and also got married since (rollercoaster of a summer!). Although I had never considered breastfeeding before, I decided to give it a go with this little one and I have to say I am pretty much going through the same thing you are. Raw nipples are not fun! Sometimes he manages to latch on properly, sometimes he just doesn’t and it is toe curling for a little bit but then gets better. I’ll post about it all soon. X

    1. Oh well done you! Sounds like we’re both going through the same kind of thing! So frustrating isn’t it! And the pain! The things we do for love huh!

  10. argh what an inappropriate question from the hv!

    but however…..most of the mums i see as a peer supporter turn a corner at around 6 weeks. 6 weeks if def the magic time that a lot of bf niggles sort themselves out so if you are ok at week 5 things are going brilliantly. the next big corner is a 3 months when it all gets soooo much easier.

    well done you!

  11. Well done you!! It’s hard to latch on and get it right consistently, but once you and he do it will be so much easier for the pair of you. I hope the feeding midwifencan assist with you perfecting the latch on as you don’t want it to be painful all the time. Sounds like you are doing so well xx

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