Things I’ve learnt about newborns

So moo is six weeks now and I’ve discovered a few things!

– Babies have extra senses. They consist of knowing when mummy is about to eat food and thus waking up from their deep sleep!

– Babies like games. Namely ‘I’m going to make noise in my crib so you come over and the moment your there I’m going to go straight back to sleep! And then repeat the cycle the moment your bottom hits the sofa!’ this is one of Moo’s favourites!

– Babies are good at disguising their latch and making all who look at it appear good and then slipping their bottom lip to just take the nipple!

– Babies know when you aren’t protecting your bed with a towel and will wee and poop all over your bed mid nappy change especially for you at 4am!

What games did your newborn play? What have I missed?


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt about newborns

  1. Love it – especially the nappy ones – my wee one seemed to do that a LOT! And now the latest trick is that she waits until I’ve changed her, got her fully dressed again and then she dirties it again so I have to do it all over again!

  2. Thank you for making me giggle, all of those things are so true. Especially the food one, I found with my first never prepare anything that cannot be reheated in the microwave, any type of sauce was a no no. Gravy reheated is not good

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