Mamas and Papas – Mylo Review

Mamas and Papas – Mylo
RRP £695
Available online here

What Mamas and Papas say:

Baby’s Features

– My unique soft moulded seat exceeds the benchmark. I’m the best in class for baby comfort.
– My smooth suspension is fine tuned so you don’t feel the bumps under my wheels
– I face both ways, just squeeze the paddles under my seat and turn me around
– My carrycot is the next best place from mums tummy, but with more space! Use me on my stand and I’m an overnight bed too..24/7
– My backrest drops right back and lift my foot rest up so baby can sleep soundly
– DS1ust clip on your Primo Viaggio or Aton adaptor and car seat and go
– My head hugger supports baby’s head from dropping side to side as they doze off
– Unzip my hood if you want more shade, or zip me up again if you want less cover
– My five point safety harness keep baby safe inside

Parent’s features

– Iconic and industrial design with a choice of covers. I’m the envy of other pushchairs
– My unique single handed fold is effortless, with or without my seat on
– I’m light to push so you’ll love taking me out
– When folded my compact hibernation means that I’m great for storage spaces… even with my seat attached
– No expense spared on quality materials, which enhance my performance for you
– Feel my leatherette handle as you push me
– Adjust my handle to any height
– My one touch break is simple and quick
– I glide easily with swivel wheels or lock my wheels when you are on the straight and narrow
– My shopping basket unzips on both sides for easy access

Image by Flash

Whats in the box

Mylo includes: chassis, seat unit, carrycot base, two hoods, carrycot apron, shopping basket and pushchair and carrycot rain cover.

Age suitability: birth – 15kg
Size: H: 110 x W: 60 x D: 117cm approx.
Folded size: H: 22 x W: 60 x D: 75cm approx.
Mylo weighs: 12kg approx.

Basket underneath

How we got on

Having had the pushchair a few weeks and giving it a few good test drives including for a day out at Legoland I’ve made some judgements on it now. Obviously first impressions weren’t great after it took us so long to put it together but I figured I’d give it a fresh start and ignore those first teething problems! So how did we do? Well to push its a lovely buggy. It feels quite solid although the chassis has started creaking already due to its width etc it feels like a buggy that is well made.

Appearance wise this is a good looking pushchair. It’s got quite a modern appearance and as my Dad described it looks quite alien like! When you are pushing it with the carry cot on your view is quite limited as its so big, see pictures for “parents eye view”. To look at its a nice buggy and I’ve had a lot of comments about where I’ve got it from etc.

The carrycot is fantastic and the fact you can use it as a overnight bed is ideal. Spacious and long as well as having a rocking or static feature it’s ideal for overnights as well as somewhere to put the baby during the day like as a spare mosses basket. It’s also big and comfy on the chassis. Another thing I like with it is it’s not just flat it has a raised position too. Great if baby has a cold etc.

Me and the basket have a love hate relationship. I like that its secure and you can zip things inside so its not going to fall out but see below for my many reasons why I dislike it!

The raincover is one of the most impressive pushchair raincovers I have come across. It is well made and fantastic quality unlike alot of raincovers you get. It is quick and easy to fit and allows easy access to the carrycot when needed.

Other features I like are the strap on the handle for you to put around your wrist and stop the buggy from rolling away etc. Also the front wheels are lockable which is helpful occasionally although its extremely hard to push with the wheels locked. I also like how easy it is to fold down and how light the chassis is when folded however its large width wise and the carrycot is huge meaning I struggle to get it into my Ford Focus boot even with the boot completely empty! The adjustable handle is also ideal as it is so high, my Uncle who is 6ft + wouldn’t have any problems pushing it thats for sure!

Carrycot with Raincover

What we didnt get along with

I am not a fan of the under-hanging basket. This limits what you can put in it and is also a pain in the backside to put on and once on random corners pop off. However Mamas and papas say on the new ones they will be already attached. I have also found when your in a shop and want to put your shopping in its fiddly and you spend ages bent over unzipping and stuffing it all inside before zipping it up again, you can hear the sighs behind you!

Creakiness. We’ve only had it a few weeks and it already creaks!

Brake. It’s fiddly to take off as you have to push in one part and then lift up the other part.

Suspension. Although the details say there is suspension I would argue differently. Every bump is felt and I wouldn’t take this if I wasn’t going somewhere with paths. Off road is not an option!

The cover for the raincover is fitted with magnets, its not ideal and although looks good is unpractical I’ve found as it pings back and also means you cant rest anything on it if your out!

Front lockable wheels

So overall what would we give it?

Comfort – 7, although the carrycot is comfy and spacious its a bumpy ride even on pavement.
Durability – 7 again although it feels solid it has started to creak already after
Functionality – 7 It functions well and I like that the seat unit is parent facing and forward facing but that fiddly underbasket lets it down!
Maboeuvrability – 8 Great if you have the wheels as swivel, it runs really well.
Portability – 8 – Its not a buggy for busses and public transport but if you have a car with a big enough boot then its ideal. The chassis is wide when folded which is where the problem arises in fitting in the boot.
Value for Money – 6 – I feel its quite expensive for what you get.

The final word

The Mylo is a great urban buggy, but not suitable on anything other than smooth ground. It has a great deal of plus points as well as a few minus points. If you are looking for a pushchair from newborn which you can use multifunctionally, ie the carrycot being suitable as an overnight bed then I would thoroughly reccomend it. Obviously we have only used it for the carrycot and are yet to use the pushchair seat but you can find out more about that over at Mommatwo.

Mamas and Papas sell the Mylo in a range of colours and also have accessories such as a footmuff, parasol and changing bag etc for extra. Mamas and Papas have a blog they have recently started and also a facebook page where they frequently post promotions such as their current one to win a steriliser.

Disclosure: We recieved the Mylo free in exchange for review. All views are my own and uninfluenced by any outside parties. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.


2 thoughts on “Mamas and Papas – Mylo Review

  1. I suspect the creaking could be eliminated by a quick squirt of WD40 to the chassis, when I worked for Mothercare that seemed to be a cure all for most pram aliments!

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