If I could start my blog over…


So britmums this week asked “If I could start my blog over, I would….”

Well when I first started out I was on blogger and as singlemotherhoodchallenges. Mouthful huh? I changed that to singlemummy.net and kept that for a while. Then when I was no longer a single mum I went to simplyhayley.co.uk and then just this weekend I’m moving simplyhayley from .co.uk to .com. Lesson from that? Choose a name that fits you not your circumstances because circumstances change, you don’t!

I’m glad I made the move to wordpress. There is more freedom in it and although I found it challenging at first and am still learning it has so many possibilities.

The biggest thing I would have done differently would be to have blogged anonymously. It wasnt something I had even considered when I started but now I wish I had. It’s great that my friends and family read what’s going on but that does mean limitations for me! Especially as I know my parents read it religiously, so no ranting about them ;-), and my grandparents read it occasionally. I wouldn’t want them to read things that would make them uncomfortable.

But other than that *looks at long list* I wouldn’t change anything! 😉


2 thoughts on “If I could start my blog over…

  1. Welcome to your new blog, one thing about blogging is that it does follow our life and the changes we make in it. It sees our highs and lows, so yes it is a good idea to have a name that moves with you. Yet whatever your name your blog has always been honest and true. Never change that.

  2. Lovely post Hayley, I wish I was anon or at least semi anon too as too many of my students know about my blog. However I also like other people knowing its me and mine, I guess that is the show off in me!!

    Other than that I wish I knew how to drop the /wordpress from my url as im self hosted too but can’t figure it out! and Im scared of breaking it all if I do something to it!

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