Going wild with Hyundai

A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to go down to Longleat Safari park and test drive the new Hyundai i40 whilst seeing the animals. Having been to Center Parcs Longleat many times and never visiting Longleat we jumped at the chance! So we set off Me, the boys and my parents to go and see some animals!

Easily fitting the icandy and all our junk

We arrived at the park, got free entry thanks to Hyundai and drove down to the Hyundai “hub” which is one of the really cool inflatable structures! Whilst me and Dad who was driving went up to register pickle got to have his face painted as a very cool tiger! It was some of the best face painting I’ve seen in a while!

Although we were early for our afternoon session a car was available so they asked if we wanted to head straight out so we said we would! Dad was shown around the car and had the controls all explained to him as the handbrake is a button and there were some other cool things such as the rear reversing camera, a seat which automatically returns to the previous driving position when you start the engine and a button start for the engine, took Dad a little while to get used to it! I loaded the kids up and popped the iCandy into the extremely spacious boot!

I spy a Hyundai i40

I have to say at this point that although this car looks to be the same size as my Dads VW Passatt it is SO much more spacious! I had tons of leg room in the back in comparison to my Dads car and the boot fitted the buggy in more easily compared to the Passatt.

A baby giraffe!

Finally we set off and Dad needed to reverse out of the parking space, using the camera which shows you behind the car, and he still managed to hit a cone! We drove round to the start of the safari park taking in all the different controls and admiring the view out of the panoramic roof.

The reversing camera

We stopped at the Giraffe and Tapiar section for a toilet stop for the old man and persuaded pickle to try and go. I sat in the back, in the middle seat and fed moo, I had plenty of space between the two car seats and it was extremely comfortable!

Once everyone was back in the car, and I’d been and seen the giraffes quickly, we set off round the park. I couldn’t believe how big the place was! We saw some amazing animals up close and personal including Giraffes and Rhinos. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take the car through the monkey enclosure, so instead pestered my father all day to take his precious car through there, in the end we ran out of time but we did have fun watching monkeys riding cars and hanging off wing mirrors from the other enclosures.

We had a great time driving through the safari park and we all only got a bit grumpy when we got caught in major traffic jams around the wolves, lions and tigers but we hadn’t eaten for a while and when you’ve sat looking at the same lion for 30 minutes you get a bit bored of it!

Admiring himself in the shiny car

Dad loved the car and pondered if he could get away with leaving the park and taking it home! He loved it that much! He admitted he had never really considered a hyundai before as a car but if he was to look at buying a new car I think the i40 would definately be on his list of considerations. I was amazed that he managed to only stall it twice as I knew he wasn’t keen on button handbrakes after his adventures in Scotland last year but he sussed it this time!  As a backseat passenger it was extremely comfortable, even in the middle of two car seats and if I had £18k to spare I’d be buying one! I’ve also got to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the staff at the Hyundai hub! There was no hard sell on the cars and they were all extremely friendly and knowledgeable! I even had a lovely young man carry my car seats over from our car!

Beautiful Big Cats

It was a great way to end the school holidays spending time with the family and seeing all the animals and exploring *some* of what Longleat has to offer! There was just so much taht we probably only got half of it done! Definitely going to be going back!

Thank you Hyundai for the free entry to the park! Best car test drive ever!


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