My latest challenge…

I like to have a goal, a challenge, something to aim towards when it comes to excercising. In the past few years since having Pickle I’ve cycled the London to Brighton 3 times and ran the Hyde Park Womens Challenge 5K 3 times.

Since having moo I haven’t yet found the time or motivation to get off my backside and do any excercise other than walking with the pram. Me and Mum have discussed for a while the fact that we would like to do the moon walk and this week in my research for a few breast cancer related blog posts and finding information about breast cancer to answer all the questions I have in my head about my Nanny I came across the entry for next years MoonWalk.

Me and Mum discussed it and although she has a seriously problematic back at present with collapsed disc, degenerative tissue, and other problems and struggles to walk or do anything quite frankly, my mum being as stubborn as I am decided we would do it! Probably thankfully the full marathon was full up but there were still places for the half marathon! Probably realistic in Mums condition, so we are all signed up!

Next year on May 12th we will be walking 13 miles around London, at night, in our bras in aid of Breast Cancer Research!

This of course won’t be the first time I ask but I probably won’t rabbit on again about it for a while but if you would like to sponsor us you can do so by visiting our online fundrasing page HERE (or by clicking that box on the left).

Don’t forget to check your breasts!


2 thoughts on “My latest challenge…

  1. After facing a few scares within my own family i know this is such an important cause. I admire both you and your mom determination. Good luck x

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