Babies :: the greatest conversation starter

oh look it’s a little baby

oh look how much hair he has

oh how gorgeous, boy? Girl? Birth weight? Age?

If there’s one thing ive noticed about being mum to a newborn again its the fact that everyone wants to see and comment!

Generally your filled with oooohs and ahhhhhhhs and then the barrage of questions about weight, the birth, how old they are, is it your first blah blah blah.

Now don’t get me wrong at times it’s a good ice breaker, such as in the playground when pickle started school. It’s meant I’ve had some mums to chat to. Mainly either broody ones, pregnant ones or mums with one the same sort of age. It’s also nice when your friends do it and shower you with compliments of how cute your baby is, as if I need telling but it is nice to hear!

But the one that bugs me is strangers when your out and about. I try and zone out the passing ones. The ones where a couple walk past you and the woman goes ‘oh darling look at the tiny baby’ in your earshot. Those annoy me but are easier to handle. It’s the strangers who stop you and start questioning that drive me nuts! What’s it to do with you if my birth was good or bad, or if its my first, or what they weighed! I just want to get to where I’m going without having to stop and talk to every Tom dick and Harry. Sometimes I want to go out and not speak to anyone. DS1ust do what I have to. But with a newborn you can’t.

Anyone else find it as annoying or is it just me?


One thought on “Babies :: the greatest conversation starter

  1. I’m totally with you on this!
    My annoyance is with those who ask about Harry [newborn] and not Charles [2 year old] They ask what Harrys name is and not what Charles’ name is and it upsets me.
    My biggest bug bear is “is he good?”…..good at what exactly? I never know how to answer this question.
    I never get why people have to say “ahhh look at that baby” I just pretend I don’t hear people now.

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