Our babywearing experiences, so far…

Okay so I’m a bit late, apologies, busy week! But being international babywearing week I felt I should share with you our experiences so far.

Now I am a complete newbie to babywearing and would probably never have tried it if it wasn’t for the encouragement of the twitter mums, especially snafflesmummy who kindly sent me a DIY wrap she had made and no longer needed. It’s become our lifeline.

Moo isn’t the sort of baby who will lie and play on his mat or sit in his swing so mummy can make dinner/ do housework etc so I was finding it a real challenge to get anything done. Then the wrap arrived and suddenly I have no excuse!

If moo is fractious and won’t give in to sleep I just pop him in the wrap.
If I need to make dinner and he won’t play or is asleep, in he goes in the wrap.
If we want to go walking somewhere that isn’t buggy friendly, out comes the wrap.
If we’re going somewhere where il have to leave the buggy unattended (£600 quid worth of buggy) I take the wrap instead!

The reactions to babywearing ive found fascinating. People comment as they are walking past. Some people stop and ask questions, others just comment as they are passing. It amazes me that not more people are familiar with it.

My health visitor arrived the other day whilst moo was in the wrap and she was fascinated by it and how I’d learnt to tie it.

How did I learn to tie it? Well someone on twitter suggested YouTube and that’s where I’ve learnt it! First time I literally had a YouTube video in front of me and then tied whilst watching! Easy!

My only regret is I wished I’d discovered babywearing with pickle!


3 thoughts on “Our babywearing experiences, so far…

  1. I literally would have lost my sanity without my wrap. My baby needed to be held SO much in the first few months and I just felt unable to cope. Babywearing has been important for us in bonding, emotionally recovering from the shocker birth was and it’s even a good way to keep her warm! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The twitter bunch can be so supportive when it comes to these things.

  2. My mum bought me a wrap as she thought it would be easier for me to walk up and down to the school rather than a cumbersome buggy and a 2 and a half year old who insists on holding hands. It’s the best thing she ever bought me I think. I have to admit that I am cheating though as it’s not one that you tie yourself but a ”fancy” one that looks like a hammock and is tied with clips. But still, it’s brilliant when Elliott doesn’t want to be settle and I have something to do!

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