20 abandoned dogs are put down every day

As a dog lover I find that figure simply shocking. The majority of those dogs will be perfectly healthy and have no reason for their lives being cut short other than the lack of homes for them.

Over the past two years Pedigree has run an adoption drive which aims to encourage people to consider adopting an abandoned dog and by raising money to support the charities working to re-home abandoned dogs in the UK.

Pedigree are hoping to raise £100,000 to help abandoned dogs in need of a loving home. Sadly, over the last year 120,000 dogs were abandoned in the UK, many of those don’t get re-homed.

For many abandoned dogs their last walk can result in an unhappy ending in the vet’s room.

This week Pedigree want to help more abandoned dogs’ last walks end in a happy home. Pedigree have created the world’s first Internet dog walk. People can take part by walking a virtual dog around the Internet and each walk will unlock a £1 donation for the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

So how can you help? Simple! See Ripley up there on the left? Click him and take him for an Internet walk! It’s free for you to do and by doing it pedigree will add a £1 to the pot!

You can also support the cause by visiting the Facebook and twitter pages as well as adding a twibbon. Shout it from your corner of the interweb, share it with your followers and let’s get Ripley walking!


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