Review: Slendertone Shorts

I’m not unfamiliar with Slendertone, having used their stomach and face toners, so when the opportunity to try out the Slendertone shorts arose I jumped at it.

I’ve been using them about a month now and although the first few days it felt really strange and awkward I soon got used to it.

The shorts are quite fiddly to get on as you have to have all the pads open and then take the protective plastic off and then place them on your body.

Once on I found the pocket designed to hold the control was awkward to access and felt like it was too small to hold the control, I generally left mine dangling.

You can be active in the shorts but I found the pockets with the pads in often popped open if I did move about so I tended to use it as an excuse to sit down for a bit!

Using the shorts for 30 minutes a day is the equivalent to 60 reverse leg lifts. And boy does your tush feel that! As you get more used to it you can go to higher settings according to your comfort levels.

The system costs £140 which certainly isn’t cheap but it does work! When I put on instagram that I was using it numerous people replied saying how much they love theirs. It’s an investment that you need to use daily. It’s not something you can buy and then leave in the box! Use it and you will see the results!

The shorts are designed for a size 6-14 and come with everything you need. You can buy extra replacement pads when you need them.

Overall I’d say these are a great investment well worth using if you are looking to get a bit more definition to your backside!

Make sure you check out the website too as it has some great hints and tips!

Disclosure. Product received free for purpose of review.


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