Review: Brother max thermometer

As a parent one of your first aid essentials is a thermometer. When Brother Max sent me a smart three in one thermometer, I was thrilled to try it out.

There are 3 functions to this thermometer

  • Ear
  • Forehead
  • Room temperature.

I’ve used it numerous times on both myself and both boys and have found it extremely easy to use. It did require a bit of learning by reading the manual to know which buttons to use to get the reading and how to change the setting but overall it’s nice and easy to use.

There is a plastic bit which protects the forehead/ear node when not in use and you simply flick it out when you want to use it.

It also came with a stand and a case for storage too. I’ve found it handy to keep in the bedroom to monitor the room temperature for moo.

One of the things I really like about it is how quickly it gives you a reading! When I was a kid you sat with a themometot tucked under your arm for ages! This is fast! Brother max say it gives a reading in just one second.

Another important feature is that it’s wipe clean. No need for any extra expense for probe covers! Bonus!

There is also a handy backlight which is ideal for use at night. No need to turn the light on!

The fact this provides both forehead and ear is ideal. Ear temps will always be a more accurate guide but often little ones won’t allow that so it’s handy having the forehead because you can gauge weather you need a ear measurement or not.

The thermometer is priced at £35.75 at which I personally feel is extremely reasonable for a multifunctional and fast thermometer.

Definitely a product worth investing in if you have children!

Disclosure. Product received free for purpose of review.


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