Review: Wildsheep amber teething necklace

In 2007 when DS1 was teething I had never heard of anything like an Amber teething necklace.

In the past couple of years I’ve met mums with babies wearing them and all had said that they noticed a difference when their baby was wearing it.

DS2 started teething last week and after a couple of days I suddenly remembered that we had a wildsheep necklace somewhere. So I dug it out and popped it on the next morning. That was 48 hours ago and since then I’ve noticed a huge difference in comparison to last weeks symptoms.

For those that have never heard of Amber teething necklaces they are made from Baltic Amber which is a natural resin oozed out of a tree, amber is not a stone so it isn’t cold and is light and warm to the touch. It works because the warmth of the skin releases tiny amounts of natural oil which transfer to the wearer. It has been used for centuries in Europe as a way to relieve teething and calm a baby without needing drugs. Baltic Amber has anti inflammatory and pain relieving products which is why it is perfect for teething. The amber is also good for other ailments such as allergies and eczema.

The necklaces are completely safe for children as they are knotted between each bead so should the necklace break (due to excessive force) only one bead will come off and the remaining beads stay intact. The plastic clasp will also snap if force is applied.

I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical at first but now I’ve seen the difference for myself I’m a complete convert! The fact i can ease DS2s teething without horrible medicines and potions is a huge relief to me as i hate the idea of giving such a small person all those additives and everything else in calpol Etc. I’ve even decided that whenever a friend has a baby now this is what I’m going to buy them!

You can purchase necklaces and other Amber jewellery from including adult ones!

Please note that Amber necklace is not a toy and it’s not for chewing on, it should only be worn under direct supervision of an adult and taken off during sleep. 

Disclosure: Item recieved in exchange for a review.


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