Fisher Price Party

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited to the Fisher Price Play Party, so this year when another invite came through I was hardly going to turn it down now was I?

We’d been to the baby show in the morning as I’d won tickets from AllBabyAdvice and so we made use of those and picked up the things we needed. After a spot of lunch at Pizza Express we headed up to the first floor for the party. Pickle immediately spied food and was after that! Even though he’d just had lunch! He sat down to some fruit and sandwiches before venturing off to play, dragging Grandma with him! He was extremely excited to find some of the things he has been eyeing up in the ELC catalogue recently, namely the Imaginext BatCave! He had a great time playing with them and discovering what they did and deciding that this was a must for his letter to Santa!

Mummy meanwhile was catching up with all the other bloggers who I hadn’t seen for a while! The adults were then treated to a presentation about what the “play lab” have been doing this year and how they work with parents in the States. Boy would I love to live down the road from there! Every day they have parents and children go in and play with toys which the experts observe from behind mirrors to see how the toys are holding up and if anything needs to be changed etc.

The thing that I loved most that the play lab have developed is a case for your iphone/ipod that is a baby proof case, this includes meaning they can’t touch the home button and get out of the app you have put on for them! Best idea ever! And even better we got one in our goodie bag! YAY! I thought it was such a neat idea, especially as there are so many baby apps now!

Another cool idea was the Cruisin Motion Soother, this imitates a car like feeling for the baby to help them fall asleep without actually being in the car! Now I’m not convinced moo would fall asleep in that as he’s not daft and would know it wasn’t actually the car but I can see that for a newborn that could be an absolute godsend!

Once the talk was over moo was getting fractious and pickle was tired so we headed off and made our way back home with our goodie bag which had an awesome mobile in it, the Discover ‘n Grow™ Twinkling Lights Projection Mobile, which has cool glowing animals and a projection of stars! I quite fancy keeping it for helping me sleep when moo no longer needs it!

It was a fascinating talk and interesting to see how companies develop their toys and take on parents and child feedback! Thanks for inviting us Fisher Price, we had a ball!


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