Parents evening :: Military style!

So last night was parents evening. The first of many. Pickles school has a new headteacher who is making alot of changes and tonight we experienced her version of parents evening.

We arrived and went round to the classroom whilst being accosted by year sixes who had volunteered to help and were playing a key role, one you’ll see in a minute.

When we reached Pickles classroom two year sixes were outside. They ticked the name on the list and informed us there was another six minutes of the appt before us. This is when I first caught sight of it!

Yes that’s right each classroom, with it’s two year six escorts had, a TIMER! One of those wind up, ring a bell timers. When the timer sounded the year six entered the classroom to say so.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for sticking to the time yes. But what about if an issue arises that you need to discuss? At the end of the ten minutes we were practically shoved out the door with no offer of a further appt nor time to ask any questions.

So what do you think? You for the military ‘your times up off you go’ approach? Or the more flexible allowance of a few extra minutes if you need them?


5 thoughts on “Parents evening :: Military style!

  1. I think, sadly, it shows how inflexible some teachers can be. Most do a great job but some just don’t understand what it is to be an anxious parent and don’t try and allow for anything that might crop up.

    I hope the evening was ok otherwise, and that Pickles loves her school. x

  2. Ten minutes? What a luxury! At my school we got five minute slots, and they were really only four minutes because there was a minute for changing over. And it was enforced. Stupid, stupid system because as you said no one can properly discuss anything – and as a result everyone wanted an extra appointment, so they wouldn’t allow those either! My brother’s school was much better, you just turned up and grabbed the people you wanted to see whenever they were free, but they had a much smaller class with not as many students and more teachers. Wouldn’t work in a school of 500.

  3. Oh we must be lucky in Cornwall, definitely get out 10mins and more if you have something to really discuss. On the downside appointments always run late so hard to plan. I have 3 in 1 class so often end up with my own separate evening! (Only 60 in the whole school).

  4. Whilst I fully understand your angst… as a Mum and a Teacher I see both sides.

    I’ve started school at 7.30 (like SO many teachers) and worked through till 7.30pm, with 15 mins break (in which to leg it across to staffroom, visit the loo, make my tea, drink it and back – no mean feat with the corridors swarming with kids), 40 mins for lunch (in which to set up my next lesson, put out work, clean the board, tidy up up the kids, leg it to staffroom, eat lunch, drink tea, phone any parents, visit loo, talk to staff about particular child, photocopy any last minute things – I could go on!).

    I then have to meet parents who don’t always want to hear the truth, deliver good things about their child, discuss anything which crops up….x30.

    The I go home and prepare for the next day, and fit in my supper, my family and the dog!!

    I’ve done Target setting days where we are off timetable for the day and see parents for 15 minutes each- which I absolutely love because it gives me time to do it justice. On the downside, those days are EXTREMELY EXHAUSTING.

    Teachers are people too!

    1. As the daughter of a teacher and early years coordinator I can completely appreciate the work teachers put in. In fact I believe often they give too much time to the job! If your anything like my mum I bet you do tons of planning and making resources at home. I’m not saying all teachers are bad but these ones are appalling and I infact removed my son from the school at Xmas and he is now doing 100x better at a new school. For every good teacher there’s also a not so great one and thats the problem with that school and it’s headteacher.

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