Negative comments about breastfeeding *RANT*

Yes ANOTHER breastfeeding post from me!? Boring right?

But this week I’ve read a couple of comments that have completely enraged me and I have to get it off my chest! The first one I read was this one:

“I don’t like to see mothers breastfeeding in public. It isn’t necessary in this day and age.“Some women are always banging on about how natural it is, well so is having sex and going to the loo but no one does that in cafes.“They are just exhibitionists. So put them away, no one wants to see them.” (SOURCE)

Now I don’t know how old this person is but quite frankly they sound like a teenager. A grown woman surely could not say that! “Necessary in this day and age”, why because theres a huge market of bottles and formula, no lady it is necessary because its the natural resource a woman has to provide for her baby, what did everyone do before bottles and formula had been invented? Oh yeah thats right they BREASTFED!

Secondly how the hell does having sex in public and breastfeeding in public have any comparison?! We both know that sex in public is indecent exposure and something for behind closed doors! Is breastfeeding a sexual act? No it damn well isnt! It is providing a baby with its food, how would she feel if she was made to eat all her meals shut away with no one seeing her? Sex and breastfeeding are not the same thing FACT!

Exhibitionists? Oh get a life woman! Ok so some women may get their whole boob out but personally I am yet to meet one! The majority of women who breastfeed in public are discreet about it, there is no need for you to stare at a woman breastfeeding if it makes you uncomfortable, look away! Simple!

The second comment was a comment on the Daily Fails site, the story itself had pissed me right off as a man of such education shouldn’t be so narrow minded in my eyes but then I stupidly started reading the comments and came across this one.

I have a huge problem with women breastfeeding in certain public places. In places like a court room or the main area of a church, it is just disrespectful. In the middle of a restaurant when other people are eating, it is just totally gross. Even if the breast is covered, everyone knows what you are doing. For me, personally, it sickens me. They made breast pumps and bottles for a reason, and if it was truly some strange emergency, she could’ve explained to the attendant and excused herself to the restroom or a private area. No one has any manners anymore, no one is polite…people used to be so discreet about this. I don’t find that allowing your kid to suckle in public is “empowering”, it is so trashy. Read more:

You have a huge problem with it? Yeah your right, its YOUR problem! Its your perceptions of breastfeeding no one elses! Why the hell is breastfeeding disrespectful? Why is it sickening? Its NATURAL! Its NORMAL! And I’d like to bet love that you were breastfed yourself! Now how do you feel? Why should she have moved to a toilet? Are you going to sit in the toilet and have your dinner? Didn’t think so! And for gods sake I’d love to know how breastfeeding is now trashy? Breastfeeding sadly isn’t “cool” we all know that! If it was then there would be a heck of alot more mothers doing it maybe! Breastfeeding is hard work but provides a great start to life for babies for as long as a mother can do it. Its not about sex, its not about being discreet, or feeding a baby in a toilet, its natural.

The problem lies in the heads of these people, in the way they have been brought up and how the media has poisoned them. People view breasts as a sexual object. Yes they may be but for a short period in a womans life they serve a huge purpose. Breastfeeding is what breasts were made for. Whoever created the female body I am certain they never planned for men to leer over them and so forth, they planned for them to provide for the offspring of women. So maybe rather than viewing the breastfeeding mother as the problem, think about weather your mummys breastfed you? Think about WHY you something natural as so sickening and disrespectful and quite frankly … GROW UP!

*Rant over*


7 thoughts on “Negative comments about breastfeeding *RANT*

  1. These sorts of comments make me so angry!! I hope it’s just a case of time and education. I went to meet my cousin and his wife for lunch today and met their six week old baby – she breastfed her in the middle of the restaurant and I wanted to high five her as so many women get put off by ignorant comments.

    I will be an out and proud public breastfeeder as soon as number two comes along x

  2. Youve hit the nail on the head there Hayley! It all stems down to how breasts are perceived. They’re sex objects! They’re for men & to use in a provocative manner, which is completely untrue! People need to change their mindset that boobs are playthings! They’re there to serve a purpose (and that’s not for men’s pleasure) but to feed the young!

    I have never had a problem with breastfeeding. I just thought I could never do it. The thought of it did make me feel a bit weird tbh, but then it sunk in! I need to feed my baby, it’s the best way for her!!

    People are seriously uneducated! Perhaps it should be covered in high school biology!!!

  3. Well done for posting Hayley. I breastfed in so many places, including the main body of church – even on a filming of Songs of Praise (10 years ago!), and no-one knew. When opening the door to the postman whilst feeding, he didn’t know either….why should they? I was holding baby in a natural way, and was totally covered.

    10 years on, and we’re still having this discussion about breastfeeding in public – maybe it’s because there are some activists who do make a big song and dance about it? But there’s no need for people to be offensive to each other. And there’s also no need for the lack of support to the breastfeeding women of the nation.

    No idea on the solution….but we have to keep breastfeeding, and we have to keep doing it when baby needs it. Wherever that may be! 😉

  4. Since the 50’s bottle feeding was pushed as a better choice over BF. My Nan BF despite all the “experts” telling her otherwise (there was no way that she could have afforded to FF her children anyway). We now have a few generations of ill-advise and prejudice to overcome.

    I was shocked yesterday when I went into the petrol station to pay for my petrol and saw the cover of, I think The Daily Sport. A topless women – very large breasts, with her hands on her pants and a very dubious expression. basically like she was pleasuring herself. The pile of papers was displayed at waist height – ie Children’s eye level.

    And this is acceptable to our society but BF in public is not??????????????

  5. Very well said. The nature of those comments is actually more revealing about the commenter than anything else. In their minds breasts are sexual objects. Infact I have a wee speech prepared should I ever get any hassle. Involves being very calm explaining I’m only providing my child ith what he needs until almost shouting “and your PERVERTED notions about the female body will not result in me with holding food from my son”.

    The comments about pumps and bottle just show how uneducated they are. It’s a bit like breast feeding rooms/areas – it’s nice to know they are there and available but at the end of the day it is my choice whether to use them or not and I will not be forced into them if I’d rather stay with my friends/family and feed.

    Infact I’ve been very lucky I’ve had no trouble as I’m not always the most discreet breast feeder as D didn’t like being covered or having anything in the way. End of the day I’m out and proud lol.

  6. Great post! I can’t believe that some people actually think like this!! No wonder the breast feeding rates are so low in this country. People need to seriously get a grip… is the most natural thing in the world
    Breastfeeding. Makes me angry that people think it such a bad thing!. 😦

  7. My son was born at 27 weeks gestation. He was in NICU for 10 weeks. When i started to try to introduce the breast, I had to have screens up, all the blinds down, and tell people not to disturb us. Unit policy.

    How bloody ridiculous. I was feeding my baby. On a maternity ward. Apparently it was to protect my privacy. I’m sorry but you don’t sit there like Jordan in the Sun with it all hanging out (well jutting out in her case) do you?

    It made me feel like I was doing something dirty.

    If hospitals can’t get it right, what chance have the general public got of getting it right?

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