Blogging addict :: Not any more!

So Britmums asked “Can blogging/social media become an addiction? How can you maintain a healthy balance?” 

Now I can safely say that once upon a time ago I was a blogging addict. If I didnt get my fix of blogging either through reading other blogs or writing my own I got withdrawal symptons! No joke! I couldn’t bare for my greader not to show as empty!

Then I had a baby.

Being a single mum of one child who was at nursery *aka blog time* was one thing but being a single mum of two children, one of whom is frequently attached to the boob kind of made the whole blogging thing hard.

When I went into hospital to have him I left my phone at home and only very sporadically updated that week on my Mums phone. Then I went through a phase where even twitter wasn’t appealing. I just didn’t want to be sharing my life with the world. The thought of blogging just didn’t appeal and I had zero motivation!

Gradually as blog post ideas came into my head I’d note them down and occasionally write one but I was writing just a handful of posts a month in comparison to previously where at times I had blogged daily.

Then we reached November and NaBloPoMo month. Its day 21 and I am still going. I’m not enjoying it. “So why are you doing it woman?” because I’m a stubborn cow and if I tell myself I’m going to do something I damn well do it! The first week or so I was doing great guns knocking off posts and scheduling them. Then the last week or so its been a last minute dash in the evening to get something out. Evenings where I am tired and exhausted and really don’t want to blog but I am because I’m stubborn. I will reach the end of NaBloPoMo but will then probably have a break.

There was a time where if my blog wasn’t hitting a steady amount of stats a month I would worry, if I didn’t get all the latest invites, opportunities, if I didn’t keep up with the goings on and dramas on twitter that I’d worry. Now? Last time I checked my stats I couldn’t tell you, to the point that I actually don’t even have them set up on my new blog! I don’t care! If people want to read my blog they will, if they don’t then they don’t its fine by me. I turn down the majority of event invites now because I don’t have the time between school runs to get to London and back. I turn down review opportunities too because I don’t have the time to write them up properly, unless its something really beneficial to my family.

I have now found the balance. I am back to where I started at. I blog when I want to and not because I feel I should be or I’ll lose readers. Yes there was a time when I thought that! I’ve learnt its not the end of the world if you don’t blog for a day. Your blog won’t die just because you’ve taken a break. There are other priorities in life and other things to take my time up now.

Next time your little one naps try and resist reading blogs! Do something else! Step away from your usual habits, it will take a while but it’ll feel great!


One thought on “Blogging addict :: Not any more!

  1. I have really benefited from reading this. I am so far behind you on the blogging journey as my blog is under a year old but I could see myself becoming an addict. This has been a good reality check. thank you!.

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