Movember for women and others less hairy!

Now as I’m sure most of you can appreciate as a woman Movember is kind of hard to join in with right?! Well guess what a call facebook app by 118 118 has made it possible for those of us a tad less hairy to participate! This means everyone can help raise awareness and funds for Movember. Movember is a charity that carries out very important work in raising the profile of prostate and other cancers that affect men, and allows the boys in our lives to play at Tom Selleck for a month by growing the thickest, fuzziest moustache possible.
The app is simple!
  1. You choose which of your facebook photos, or photo from your computer or webcam you would like to Movember.
  2. You align your photo so it fits in the frame.
  3. You choose which facial fur you would like to add.
  4. Done!
You can add facial fuzz to absolutely anything! Animals, people, children, furniture, vegetables … anything you so wish!
Plus, if you mo’ your Facebook profile photograph, 118 118 will donate £1 to Movember on your behalf, and if your tache photo is voted the best by the public, you will win an iPad2!
You can find the TacheOff Facebook app HERE.
So yes of course I had a go too!
Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post, its simply me promoting a charity and fun app!

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