Why I no longer check my stats…

This week I caught sight of a twitter conversation discussing how important some people found stats. You may remember I moved to a new domain. Since then I haven’t bothered to set up my google analytics. Nor change my wikio RSS( not that they ever updated the previous one), nor add a tots100 badge to my blog. I have no idea how many people have been reading my blog and I don’t care! It’s the interaction between my readers through, comments, tweets and emails that natter to me. Knowing my readers like what they are seeing.

When I had all the analytics set up it was all too easy to write to get readers, to progress through rankings. But I didn’t start my blog so that I would be the top of charts and leaderboards. I started it so I could get things on paper and write about my experiences.

And now I’m no longer aware of my place in rankings I am again writing for myself. I’m not writing for rankings I’m writing for me.

People say ‘oh but it matters more for PR requests and reviews’. Maybe it does but I’m pulling back from that, I’m accepting fewer and fewer invites and product offers.

I’m returning to my roots and the reason I started. It feels great!

I do wonder weather doing NaBloPoMo has been beneficial or weather it has infact lost me readers. I do find myself wondering if certain posts still get the most readership. But I won’t go back to looking at stats because its all too easy to be drawn in and say oh I have them but don’t really care! If you have them then you care, deep down in that bottom of your soul, you care! No matter how much you tell yourself you dont! By not having the option there at all I can’t get sucked into that cycle again! Admittedly I don’t have the time to but I think if its there I would.

Do you have your stats set up? How often do you check??


4 thoughts on “Why I no longer check my stats…

  1. Atta girl. I’ve been blogging for a year and have no idea what google analytics even is! (Or what RSS means, or any of the other stuff for that matter) People do seem to get obsessed with it don’t they? Write for the love of writing, say I.

  2. I agree with you on a lot of that. I used to check my stats daily – sometimes a few times a day and I’d get really stressed out if something doesn’t do what I think it should.

    I still have my stats, but now I check it maybe twice a month, if that, generally to update my marketing pack. There’s a part of it I care about, but not in the way I used to. I’m still on the Tots and this and that, but it’s not personal like it used to be.

    If you’re not writing for you, your readers won’t care…

  3. I’ve stopped checking mine too, I can find them if someone asks me, but unless that happens I never bother looking these days. I was obsessed with them, not that I would have known what to do to better them etc in anyway and found myself checking them more than once every day. I suppose having an anonymous blog it was also to find out if any comments or views had come from a little too close to home for my liking, but I’ve even stopped checking up on that now too.

    I find the stats side of things interesting, after all it shows people actually read the load of old waffle I put on my blog which has always been a source of much amusement to me, but I’ve got more important things to worry about these days, like preparing for an imminent arrival or just chatting to the friends I’ve made through blogging on twitter etc – that’s what’s more important to me than a load of numbers!

  4. Well done, you know what my journey in blogging is like. I’m in a complete world of my own. I did once at the tots 100 badge but haven’t got it now as I write for me not for stats. It Helps that I’m such a complete wally when it comes to code stats etc. I know I could learn but I don’t feel I need toz

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