Schools and communication

Pickle has been at school almost a whole term. I’m still struggling with the change between nursery and school. He isn’t! He’s fine now and runs in happily everyday! Today he even played with one of his friends in the playground before school which he’d never done previously.

However my one big bug bear is communication between school and parents.

Nursery I loved because everyday you were given a run through of their day, were able to discuss any issues immediately, you knew if they’d even been slightly off their food or had been quieter that day. You absolutely knew if any kind of accident had occurred. Any minor bump or scrape because it was all in the accident log. In fact I only had to sign it once!

In the term since school has started my child has cone home on numerous occasions having fallen over and has grazed his knee and they haven’t even cleaned it nor washed his hands. This bugs me tremendously! He’s 5! He can’t do it himself so it doesn’t take much to hive it a wipe over and make sure he washes his hand. However what bugs me even more Is the fact they don’t tell parents! At my mums school they make sure the nursery nurse for the class grabs any parents of kids who have fallen etc and quickly informs them they fell, may have a bruise and were fine. It doesn’t take much!

This is just one area of poor communication between parents and the school. It was something their ofsted report speaks of on numerous occasions. And their military style parents evening just adds to the alienation of parents.

Today though I discovered there are barriers in place so you can’t make a direct appointment with the headteacher like I asked, nope you have to leave her a brief written note and she will grant you an appointment if she see’s it as necessary.

This school really don’t make communication easy! How about your child’s school? Are they good at keeping you upto date with your child’s welfare and learning or are you in the blue as to what goes on?


4 thoughts on “Schools and communication

  1. i have come to realise that this is very, very common in schools today. It used to drive me mad as well and I spent a lot of time on the phone to Amy’s precious school which was a mainstream (she now goes to a special school). The fact teachers don’t apply first aid is absolutely disgusting in my opinion and no matter what anyone says, I will always think that. There are too many do-gooders making the rules and it’s making a mockery of the wonderful job many teachers do. The communication issue between myself and staff at Amy’s last school was almost non existent and there were often times she came home and told me about an incident that I would class as bullying yet when I rang school they were say, “oh yes, that did happen but we dealt with it.” unfortunately however, they didn’t deal with it because they very often didn’t know how to due to Amy having autism, one of the reasons we got her into special school.

    On the upside, I do think in some cases that it isn’t always necessary to contact parents about something that happens even if it does mean your child coming home with a grazed knee or whatever. The reason for this is that we parents have to let go once our kids start school and we have to allow them to grow up without our constant interference. When a child is at school they are experiencing a completely different routine and structure to their day and if a matter can be dealt with by their teacher, it means the child will feel comfortable at school and won’t expect their parents to be there every time they fall over. I’ve learned the hard way, believe me!

    CJ xx

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, but I kind of think when they are still so young it doesn’t do any harm to mention a bloodied knee! A year or so down the line and yeah I think it wouldn’t be so important but at this age I think it kind of is! And afterall they are going to tell me a whole different story to the story coming out of an imaginative and sensitive 5 year old! Theres swings and roundabouts to it!
      I think bearing in mind how much of a talk there can be about how schools and parents need to work together there are rather alot of schools that need to improve their end of things by the sounds of it! Thanks for the comment! 😀 x

  2. Our school is excellent with communication. Just today KayCee came home with a pink slip…’s an accident report detailing what happened, what steps were taken at the time and any future action to be taken if needed (Ella got one where a nail had worked loose on the fence and she’d hurt herself on it. The caretaker was informed and the problem solved). This is photocopied and the copy is added to the accident book.

    We can request a meeting with their teachers or the headteacher with no questions asked.
    I can’t believe that headteacher decides whether she feels it’s necessary to grant you an appointment.
    I’d be doing some serious complaining about the lack of communication and not being able to speak to the head unless she says so.

    1. Oh my word I love your school! That sounds like a great way of communicating with parents! If only more schools did it! I know I was gobsmacked when I was told I couldn’t make an appointment and she would decide weather to see me or not! I was NOT impressed!

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