Having an anon twitter…

I’ve had twitter for god knows how long. A good few years I know that. Over time I’ve changed names and even complete accounts. For a while I ran a personal account which was protected and a “blog” account which meant that anything blog related went on that. However although I thought I was pretty careful about who I had on that protected account there were clearly some backstabbing twats because stuff kept getting out. So I decided to delete it. But then I had no where to write.

So I decided to go anon. Undercover. I used a random name generator and came up with something and then I found new people to follow and new followers who weren’t in any way related to my old account so there was no way of them knowing who I was.

And now I can write what I like about whatever I like and who I like and no one knows its me. It feels so good.

Its a space to be free.

Now I know thats what a blog is supposed to be but I never thought about what would happen if family or friends read it back when I started it so I didn’t go anon. Over time family and friends have found it and most love what I have to say and are avid readers *waves at family*. And although its rare I moan about them I can no longer do that on here. I can no longer get things off my chest if my friends have bugged me or if someones upset me. So thats when I turn to my anon account.

Its good having an anon account. Its a secret part of me where I acn be myself and there are no repurcussions for it. No one gets upset by what I say or do.

Do you have an anon account? Do you blog anon? Do you wsh you had? 


3 thoughts on “Having an anon twitter…

  1. I have an anon twitter and blog, for me being a teen mummy.

    I started it back in July, where I wanted a space to ask for help and also share the running up to the birth of Elmo (which I am still bloody waiting for) without the abuse I received with my first born.

    I obvs have my main twitter and blog for reviews, family, friends ect. but it is wonderful to be anon too, I do believe the odd person on there knows me and my actual work, but I never share pictures of faces on my anon bits.

  2. I completely understand what you mean re. blogging. Some members of my family read my blog, my brother does every once in a while as I found out when he commented on a post in which i had a grumble about him! Ooops! It was at its most frustrating as my recent relationship crumbled as I would have liked to have blogged about it, to discuss some of the issues, especially those relating to the specific problems regarding considering becoming a single parent again but I couldn’t write about it as I knew my then boyfriend would read it. Definitely one of the downsides of openly blogging but i still love it. An anonymous Twitter accounts sounds like a good compromise though. Might have to try that!

  3. It was something I considered for a while to give me opportunity to blog about some of the abuse I’ve suffered in my life but I found that my journals were better places for me.

    As for twitter, I am one for saying what I think and I dont see why twitter should be any difference. Then again I also follow the philosophy if I haven’t got anything nice to say stay quiet.

    I can understand you freedom in a anon account though.

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