Spin Gym @ JML

When I first saw what spin gym was I didn’t think it was going to be all that effective but I have to say having done it and used it for a while you can really feel it working!

There are some big pros to this little product! Little being one of the first pros! It’s small enough that you could slip it in your pocket if you so wished. Being small it means it’s easier to store when not in use than say a weight bench or treadmill! It’s small enough to travel with you if you go on holiday or travel etc.

Secondly it comes with plenty of instructions, including DVDs to show you how to use it and also exercises you can do with it.

For me the only negative was that I found it tricky to get the ‘spin’ initially! But it did make for some great giggles between me, my mum and best mate! Both of who got the knack immediately! However once you have the knack within just a few minutes you get the ache in your arms telling you that it’s working.

I’ll let the blurb explain more about how it works!


Spin Gym is a unique new exercise trainer that can give your whole upper-body a full resistance workout. Unlike traditional dumbbell and machine weight training, which isolate and target one set of muscles at a time, Spin Gym can simultaneously activate major, stabilising and core muscles all at once.

Using Spin Gym for just 5 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your arms, and leave them looking and feeling firm and toned. With up to 20 lbs of resistance with each pull, you’ll feel the Spin Gym effect almost instantly. It’s compact and convenient to use almost anywhere, whether you’re at home, at the office or on your travels. And best of all Spin Gym is fun to use – just see how long you can keep the disc spinning.
Tones, strengthens and sculpts your arms, chest, back and shoulders all at once
1 x Spin Gym
1 x Extra Strength Cord
1 x Carry Case
1 x Fitness Instructional & Workout DVD
1 x Cardio & More DVD
1 x Instructional guide
1 x Quick Start Guide
So would I reccomend this? Absolutely! Its a great, quick, easy (once you know how) way of targetting a specific area of your body. The instructional DVDs are fantastic and cover the “I can’t get it spinning” questions as well as providing you with excercises to do whilst it is in motion!
At £29.99 for something so small it is not on the cheap side I’d say but then your also paying for all the DVDs and information you get with it so I’d say the price levels out for the quantity of product in the long run.

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