Review: Studio 52 London

I’ve done a few photoshoots in my time at London venues, at all of them there have been issues. My Mum Also had a great experience at a studio where the photographer stormed out and they were left waiting hours, efore they left. So il admit when I purchased a voucher on GroupOn for a photoshoot, for two, at a London studio I was sceptical as to how it would go. however it went really well and here’s why:


When I phoned up to book the session I had specific dates I was looking for. None of those dates were available however the guy gave me his name and said to ask for him when I rung back. Eventually I found a date that worked for both me and Mum and when I rung back to book it I spoke to the same guy who talked me through all the details of the day and what we could expect.

Prior to last Tuesday we also got a reminder phonecall a couple of days before hand to check we were still ok for the date, from the same guy!

Now I have to say it was refreshing to speak to the same guy at all calls rather than half the office which I’ve experienced before now!

So before we arrived we were impressed!

The day


When we first arrived we were met by a lovely receptionist who provided us with drinks, which I have to add included numerous juices rather than just the usual water or orange juice for a soft drink! She explained to us what would be happening and showed us their portfolio. We had a short wait however we were kept informed of the progress and when we’d be going into hair and make up. The receptionist was fantastic and really accommodating to individual needs.

Hair and Make Up

The groupon voucher was marketed as a facial and manicure. I would argue that it wasn’t so much of a facial as a cleanse and tone you would need to do prior to any make up anyway, but it was nice all the same. I had a lovely lady who listened to what I had to say about make up and hair and worked with me on it. She didn’t try to change my preferences like some I’ve had before so I ended up with exactly what I wanted, smokey eyes but natural colours, subtle lips and gentle curls in my hair. I was throughly impressed. Mum was slightly concerned by how fast hers was done but then again maybe she was just more experienced and worked at a quicker pace.

The Photoshoot

We had a lovely photographer who immediately put us both at ease and was accommodating to the fact Mum needed to be careful of poses due to her recent spinal surgery. He listened to the sort of thing we wanted to get from the photoshoot and our likes and dislikes. He was fantastic to work with and picked up on all the little details such as clothes tags sticking out etc, things a photographer should see but I’ve had a few that haven’t! He was a joy to be with and put us both at ease!

What I also liked was that there were only two photographers using the sets and so they easily worked around one another whereas I’ve been to places where you’ve had to queue to use a specific set because there are so many photographers and clients using them so this was a breath of fresh air!


After our photo-shoot we got dressed and were taken back to reception where we were offered more drinks and had a good chat with the receptionist, she kept us informed of the wait and then we were taken down the stairs to the viewing room. The photos had turned out fantastically and we were both thrilled with them! As there always is there were a few definite no’s but there were a whole bunch we loved. We had a great chat with one of the business partners who was doing the viewing for us and as they had seen I have a large following on twitter they kindly offered us their mates rates, which we of course accepted! We had had a wonderful day in general and were thrilled with our photos but that made the photos slightly more affordable. Prices even before mates rates are reasonable starting at £70 an image and for the images your getting thats worth your money! I’ve had some appalling pictures taken and been told prices of up to £100 for ONE image! Prices obviously get lower the more photos you purchase and basic retouching such as of skin redness, shine, fabric lumps in clothing etc are included and many can be done there and then. We came away with 17 images, a few of both of us which had been our goal and some nice individual shots too.


As previously mentioned I’ve been to a number of studios where you never want to go back there and you tell every person you meet about how BAD your experience was, Studio 52 London was a breath of fresh air in the world of portrait photography! All the staff are friendly, professional, put you at ease and offer a personalised experience. The studio location is central, lavish and well decked out. The photos are fantastic quality and for the modern day girl most importantly they offer images on disc (See a future review of my thoughts on a studio that don’t offer discs).

Would I recommend Studio 52 London to my friends and would I go back? Yes and Yes! In future if I wanted a photo-shoot I’d definitely go back there and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends to visit there if they are looking for a photo-shoot experience.

Studio 52 London : Website : Twitter : Facebook

Studio 52 have recently opened a new studio in Birmingham so if you are local to there, check it out HERE.

Disclosure: We paid for our photo-shoot experience as a personal purchase and placed a deposit which was used against the cost of images, we did receive mates rates but this has in no way affected the review and ultimately the experience was at a cost to myself. 


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