Review: Contented Calf: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Mums

I have been very lucky with my milk supply and haven’t really suffered with low milk supply, infact in the early days we struggled with oversupply. However as time has gone on and my milk has leveled out to “what baby needs” I’ve got more paranoid about making sure I’m eating the right foods to encourage strong milk supply and make sure I have enough for my son. I’ve been chatting with @ContentedCalf for a while so when she offered me a book to review I could hardly say no.

I’ve had the book a while now and I love it! Its full of fantastic information about what a lactogenic diet is, what foods are anti-lactogenic, details on how to freeze the meals. There is a really easy key to follow for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and freezable meals. After all one of the best things you can do whilst still pregnant is freeze these meals so that you have them there for those early days post birth.

The book is seperated into various sections including breakfasts, lunches, main meals, sweet things and even drinks! I’ve tried a number of recipes now, I reguarly use the Cinnamon Butter on my bagels and toast, as well as the spinach and mushroom bake, which is a huge hit with th 5yr old and the butternut squash and kale lasange. The next on my “to try” list is the oven baked beetroot risotto!

The recipes are simple to follow and contain only the key information rather than loads of gobelldee gook! There are appealing and realistic pictures with many of the recipes and the portion sizes are generous. I often make the meals and then freeze three other portions suitable for 1 adult and 1 child.

I found the book especially helpful when I suffered with a cold and my milk supply really dropped. I made a point of eating a number of the recipes and ensuring I was eating lactogenic friendly foods to ensure my milk supply built up again as quickly as I could.

The book costs £14.99 but is great for a mother planning on breastfeeding longterm and who wants to ensure her diet is the best it can be to encourage her milk supply. You can purchase the book directly from the Contented Calf Website. I’ll certainly buy this book in the future for friends who become Mums are plan to breastfeed. Well worth the pennies!

Disclosure: Item received free in exchange for this review.


One thought on “Review: Contented Calf: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Mums

  1. I’m clearly rather thick as I’ve never even heard of a lactogenic diet before! Think I should get reading up on it though if it’s that helpful to milk supply if like you say you’ve been feeling ill etc.

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