Chivalry Really Is Dead!

Now its a well known fact I harbour a dislike to men. For many many reasons. And don’t get me wrong I know there are a few exceptions to the general rules but I am yet to meet them! Today once again showed to me that men think about themselves first and everyone else somewhere way back in the distance!

Picture the scene, shopping centre, 3 floors, massive blaring fire alarm going off, lifts not working, a dozen mothers with buggies stranded other than to carry/bump buggys down the non moving escalators. I asked a dozen men to help and they ALL blanked me! It was an old dear that eventually noticed us and when I was halfway down the first escalator a security guard finally realised that they might want to lend a hand to hurry things along!

Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate its a fire alarm and people want to get out. I WAS ONE OF THOSE BLOODY PEOPLE!!!!! But it doesn’t take two seconds to grab the front of a buggy and lend a hand getting it down a heck of a lot faster than a mother doing it by herself!

The other thing that pissed me off was the fact that above the alarm was an announcement stating ‘if you need assistance please seek a member of staff’ … thats all well and good if you can bloody well find one! I’m lucky that a buggy can be taken down an escalator easily. A wheelchair would find that a hell of a lot harder and quite frankly if I was a disabled person in a wheelchair I’d be pretty fucking terrified if I couldn’t find someone! I was less than impressed with how the shopping centre handled their fire alarm and even less impressed with how selfish men can be!

*Rant over*


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