Why Mummy friends matter!

So Nickie has been hosting some Yummy Mummy prompts the past few weeks and this week one appealed to me.

Yummy post.  Yummy Mummy week is all about getting together with other parents to raise money for CLIC Sargent.  Tell us why getting together with other parents is important to you.

When I was pregnant with littlest I didn’t do any antenatal groups seeing as I was having a c-section as most would have been irrelevant. I did however have a birth reflections counsellor, health visitor and GP already to help me conquer any baby blues and put measures into place to stop me from staying in alone with a baby every day. One of those measures was my health visitor referring me to an outreach worker at the children’s centre who could get me down there.

She’s my little angel and still is. She pops round for a cuppa and a chat and tells me what’s going on and encourages me to get my butt down there and if she doesn’t see me for a while she checks in on me.

One of the first things she got me to sign up for was the postnatal group they run regularly. I’ll admit I was apprehensive and the youngest by far but I kept at it and in the long run made a few great friends.

4 of us regularly meet up for coffee at each others houses or we go out for a walk somewhere. We can text each other if we need reminding we aren’t alone on the teething journey. And being the only 2nd time mum I often get ‘is this normal’ questions.

Our babies are all just a few months apart and it’s giving them a socialable time to be around small people like them and it’s fascinating watching them all grow and reach milestones at different stages.

There’s nothing like sharing sleep deprivation with mummies that know what it’s like.

Mummy friends are different to non mummy friends and all matter just as much. I’m so glad I did take that step to going to a group that I was nervous about cause in the long run its been fab!


6 thoughts on “Why Mummy friends matter!

  1. Lovely when you get babies of the same age together and the parent friendships grow too. Great post Hayley – hope you show your fellow mum-friends this as they sound “special” to you. Thanks for sharing and linking up for #dosomethingyummy 🙂

  2. Yes! You have to share those horror stories of sleepless nights with someone in the know! I’m usually the youngest in most of the groups I go to as well but I really value getting a chance to chat with people who I know can really identify with what I’m going through…and just have an adult conversation, feeling free to talk about the poo without boring one of my child-free friends.

  3. A friend of mine recently coined the phrase ‘Mummies United’ – thats what we feel like sometimes, its a great club to be part of and you can totally rock up to meet the mums for coffee with your pyjama top on under your cardigan and your hair barely brushed and they won;t bat an eyelid as they did it last week!

    Lovely post.

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