Right now both boys are asleep. This means its my only time to study. So what am I doing? I’m blogging of course! Procrastination at its best! Yep I am back studying! My latest course started back at the end of DS1anuary. My first level 2, my first course with an exam, my first with 8 assignments (only had 4 before!). Oh and I’m juggling a baby that is allergic to sleep! So we are now a month in and I’m already behind! I have two hours a week guaranteed baby free time. Two hours in comparison to the suggested 13! Yeah you can see why I’m panicking right?

Part of me thinks I was daft to take on another course but the other part of me knows I’m a stubborn cow and if I say I’m going to do something I damn well will. My trouble is at the moment by the evenings which is the only time I have to get some study in I am so exhausted that I can’t focus on it!

In other news I am giving ThinkingSlimmers Chocoholic slim pod a bash! I’m hoping its going to help me seeing as I *stupidly* vowed to give chocolate up for lent. My parents even bet me £50 if I managed it! Weather or not I will see through the 40 days who knows but so far I’ve survived, although thats only what a week? And I’ve replaced chocolate with crisps and *non chocolate* cakes! Possibly not the point in the whole weight loss goal thing! Although it can’t be doing that much damage as I lost 2lb last week!

I’ve also upped my walking in preparation for the half moonwalk in May. Me and one of my best friends have taken to going for a 56 mile walk as a way of catching up every week rather than sitting in Costa getting fat on brownies! And now we have a sexy stokke xplory which makes walking so much more fun its been heaven! I know the moonwalks going to come around fast so I’m getting in as much training as I can! My main concern at the moment is my Mum who had half a disc shaved off her spine last November and still has very little mobility, however she is where I get my stubbornness from so I have no doubt she is going to find the strength from somewhere!

I shall keep you all updated on our progress!


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