Parents Over-sharing…

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, but tonight I read this article over at Huffington Post and it reminded me (I also have course reading I should be doing so writing this is a welcome distraction!). The article, for those that don’t want to read it, is talking about parents who have written about their children in the media/online etc.

As a blogger I also read a lot of blogs and the majority of the blogs I read include posts about their children, such as ‘X is having a hard time at school for xxx reasons’ or ‘Y has started to walk this week’ or even ‘Z started her periods’. But when is it oversharing?! We are creating online profiles for our children when they aren’t even able to express an opinion or objection to it. Often documenting their every move and milestone which although is nice for family who live abroad, is also available for the whole world to see.

More recently I’ve seen a number of blogs including the details of their children’s childcare establishment, the same blogs that include their town so it wouldn’t be hard for someone to track them down if they wanted too.

I made the decision a long time ago not to publish pictures of my children on my blog and to limit talking about them. Yes I have often written out whole long blog posts about things they have said and done, but then when I re-read it and consider the fact that anyone on the whole of the internet could read that it makes me uncomfortable and it worries me as to what they would say in ten years time.

I guess through my experiences and training with working with young children and teens etc where we are trained in exactly why you should never post your location online, not post pictures of children etc that it has become a natural thing for me. Maybe I am just hyper-aware of it and am in the minority now when the majority of the world are sharing everything with everyone.

What do you think? Do you share everything? Does it concern you who might see it? Are we an oversharing culture now? 


3 thoughts on “Parents Over-sharing…

  1. Great post. I don’t have kids yet but looking at some blogs I cringe when I read what they’ve written about their kids! I think some parents forget that these small pooing, weeing, crying kids are going to grow up and there will be stories of them on the internet. I think recording milestones and sharing problems is all and well, but surely there has to be a line? Then again what do I know?

  2. I was talking about this with someone earlier (before I saw your link, funnily enough) and we were in agreement that some of the online sharing is cringeworthy but our children are growing up with online behaviour as the norm. I’m lucky that my children are older and can have a say in what I put online and also understand the concept of blogging and discuss with me what I’m writing about. But if they were younger I’d probably reevaluate certain subject matter.

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