40 Days and 40 Nights

Yep that’s right! My *ambitious* attempt to give up chocolate lasted! The whole 40 days and 40 nights of lent! So that’s £25 quid from each parent I will be pocketing tomorrow!

Was it hard? Of course it bloody was! I am the queen of chocoholics normally! But I certainly wasn’t the past month.

To give you an idea of my pre lent consumption this was a typical day:
Morning: coffee with a friend, chocolate brownie
Pop into shop grab another chocolate bar
Maybe pick up a pack of double choc cookies.
Lunch out: chocolate fudge brownie dessert.
Afternoon: another coffee with friends, more chocolate filled cakes.
Evening: Boys in bed asleep, bar of dark chocolate for me.

Did I have a chocolate problem? Yes! So I figured alongside using the chocoholic slimpod from thinking slimmer that I’d try to give it up. I needed an incentive though and so my parents bet me £25 each that I wouldn’t do it! So stubborn me did!

There have been days, especially the evenings where I have missed it SO badly. It got better as time went on and they do say it’s something like 21 days to break the habit. I think I’ve now broken it. It’s not so painful going to the till and not picking up a bar now as it was to begin with.

I’m not finding chocolate as appealing now. I plan to have a few days eating it then give it up again until the moonwalk.

How did you do? Did you give anything up?



2 thoughts on “40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. I gave up chocolate too and it has been really tough. I haven’t cheated at all, even though we had loads in the house. I had dreams all this week about eating it again!

    1. Yay well done you! I found it hard when I’ve had Easter eggs arrive from PRs! Had to hide them away in a cupboard!

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