Parks and playgrounds : What bugs me!

So yesterday we went round to the park that we often take our micro scooters too as its the right distance from home that we can get there in about 10-15 minutes. Mummy being mummy thought she’d be cool seeing as there was no one else in the park and climb up the ‘big kids’ slide. I have to admit the first time I chickened out as there is no easy way up it! Then my mum gave me the look of ‘your being a wimp’ so I did it! Up the top there is numerous graffiti, including inside the actual slide itself?! How? Then I climbed up the inside bit where there is two seat like hanging platforms. There is a range of very polite graffiti!

Now don’t get me wrong I know teenagers need a place to express themselves. And before anyone says ‘youth services’ the provision around here is actually quite good, not perfect but its certainly not the worst. But really, what is wrong with a canvas, a sketchbook, in the cover of your school book even! Do they REALLY need to do it in a children’s playground! Biggest is at the age where he is trying to start reading things and can equally sound words out, I’m just glad these were high enough that he couldn’t see them!

Equally though is it that hard for the council to pop round occasionally and clean these things off?! Is it that the youth services are letting them down? I don’t believe so, ultimately youth clubs/cafes etc can’t be open 24 hours a day so there is always going to be times when they end up ‘hanging out’ in playgrounds but maybe its just the way they’ve been brought up, maybe they’ve been taught its ok to deface something that isn’t your own. Or maybe its just a teenage thing? But then I’m only a few years out of teenage hood and I never remember feeling the urge to leave a ‘mark’ on a playground or toilet door!

The thing that gets me too is I don’t class ^ that as Graffiti? Those are just marks, words, rude words, done out of boredom surely? Now I’m not saying all graffiti is art, because some of it isn’t, but at least a tag is usually unreadable to most children, isn’t normally a rude word, usually just a name and some of it can even be quite tasteful.

hola man in technicolor


So where do you think the problem lies? Youth services and resources? The parents? Or is it just a teenage thing?


2 thoughts on “Parks and playgrounds : What bugs me!

  1. Funnilu enough I was thinking about this today as I hate the grafitti buy what bugs me even more is the mess; cans and broken glass everywhere. There were also hyperdermic needles found in our local park in the sand recently and it really upsets me. I know teenagers need somewhere to hang out but why do they have to ruin it for the little ones?

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