Eat. Pray. Love.

For those that haven’t seen it Eat, Pray, Love is a film and book by Elizabeth Gilbert. I had never heard of it until Monday evening when I was in an incredibly foul mood and wandered over to Tescos for chocolate and a film to cry to. There were no films to cry to but this looked appealing so I picked it up. Last night I watched the first half and tonight I watched the final hour.

I’m a person that is constantly seeking self discovery. I always have. I have my own library of self help, buddhism, angel, astrology, psychic, feng shui books. I recently did a 6 week meditation course in a bid to still my mind. I managed it, maybe twice! I’m not a still mind person! So watching her  struggle with meditation I could completely relate to it.

But it was her final time in Bali that really struck a chord with me. Now its no secret I am a massive man hater. Even my GP has picked up on it and admittedly she said she could see exactly where it had come from. But what people find hard to understand is that I am happy on my own. I enjoy being on my own. I love my own company. I love my independence. It drives me insane when people ask ‘So you got a boyfriend yet?’ ‘Any man on the scene?’ ‘Oh its such a shame your single’ … no it bloody isn’t! Its my damn choice to be single because I like it that way. And look theres that attitude again, that feisty I don’t need a man one.

Around me at the moment I have two best friends who are loved up. Both probably not far off being engaged I shouldn’t think. I’m really happy for them both. Its been hard seeing them so happy and in many ways losing the friendships we had beforehand but we have adapted and I’ve mourned those times and accepted things are different now. They’ve shown me it is possible to be happy with a man. They’ve given me a small dash of hope. As did watching Eat Love Pray. The part about it that really made me think though was the end. When they talk about making a life together although their worlds are extremely different. But isn’t that what it should be. Two different people. Not being the same person and leading the same lives. It gets stale and boring that way right? You need differences. You need your own lives. But on the other hand when she talks about boundaries and throwing her all into love and relationships I can completely relate to that too.

Its a inspiring film on many levels and the internet is filled with people who have been touched by it. Definitely one I’d recommend if you need a pick me up!

Maybe I shouldn’t be so anti love. That or I should become a nun!


4 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Love.

  1. I love this film, as she does show that happiness comes from within you rather than from other people. I am not single, but have to admit that I am very happy on my own and love my own company sometimes x

  2. Maybe the film is better than the book. To be honest, I was so bored to tears with the book that I wanted to place my perfect size five on her backside with much force and tell her to stop being so insipid! Must watch film

  3. I thought the book was better than the film, but they are both quite insightful. I use the Byron Katie books ‘The Work’ and I find that this helps me. But yes, nothing wrong with being single one little bit!

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