Slow and steady!

Yep I’ve continued to lose weight even since starting to eat chocolate again! I went through a couple of weeks when I got my new iPhone and I hadn’t transferred over my slim pods where I forgot to listen to them and to write my positives etc but I still found I didn’t eat a massive amount.

The other day me and my friend went to our favourite cafe which provides what can only be described as gigantic portions of chocolate cake. We both knew we wouldn’t manage a piece each like we used to but figured we could share a slice. We didn’t finish it! I’m also finding I’m serving myself smaller portions!

I still can’t get my head around buying size 14 clothes! And even some of my 14s are feeling loose! I’m noticing I feel slimmer when I catch my reflection and I’m starting to wear more fitted tops that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. I’ve updated my short term goals after reaching the last ones and the next one coming up is the Moonwalk on 12th May, so yes if your going to Cybher and your out drunk in the evening you may spot a large amount of women walking around London in their bras you won’t be hallucinating!

We’ve brought the bras we are going to use now we just have to get down to decorating them! The theme is rock and roll around the world so if anyone has any ideas please do feel free to share!!

I also saw my Kinseologist this week who reviewed how things were going and what I was taking that he had prescribed last night. My adrenal glands have pretty much recovered as have my digestive problems and now we are going to treat my under active thyroid so he’s given me a whole load of new things to take. I also need to start sticking to the foods suitable for my blood type, I’m a high oxidiser so my blood is quite acidic and annoyingly some of my favourite foods, aka chocolate, are exactly what I don’t need, however he tells me a small amount of dark chocolate is ok! Thank god! But tomatoes and pasta, some of my favourite things, are in the ‘have very occasionally’ column! 😦

27lb to my target weight!


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