Why I’ll be walking around London in a bra the day of Cybher…

Yep next Saturday whilst a large number of bloggers are letting their hair down following Cybher I will be donning a bra, and walking 13.5 miles around London in aid of Breast Cancer. Yes I’ve written about it before and Yes I’m going to write about it again! Why? Because I’m doing it for sponsorship. I’m doing it to raise money to help find cures and treatments for breast cancer.

Last summer when my littlest was just ten days old my Nanny was diagnosed with breast cancer. It knocked me for ten. There was me struggling with breastfeeding and providing the best I could for my little guy with what these two lumps on a womans chest are designed for and on the other hand they were going to cause my Nanny and the family a great deal of pain and worry. So bittersweet.

Nanny has come out the other side following treatment although remains on tablets and under the care of the consultant. One of the tablets she was taking for a while was a trial drug. Her attitude was if she didn’t take it then how would they ever know if it could help people. Damn right! I was so proud when she said that.

But before these kinds of drugs can even get to the patient they need money to fund the research and science behind it. Roughly 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some time in their life. Thats one in the group of postnatal friends I have. Thats roughly 300 from the 2800 followers I have on twitter. It could be me, it could be you. And for that reason I am asking you to please donate anything you can. Even if its just £1 it still makes the difference. As the famous saying goes, every little helps!

This week I’ve spent numerous evenings surrounded by material, lace, needles, thread, ribbons. I’ve done what I hate most! Sewing! All because next week 17,000 women will take to the streets of London in decorated bras, myself included. So for that reason and the fact I’m going to subject them all to my Mum tum! PLEASE consider sponsoring me, even just the tiniest amount! You can find our page HERE.

Thank you! 


5 thoughts on “Why I’ll be walking around London in a bra the day of Cybher…

  1. Good Luck with the walk, it’s going to be a great event, can’t wait to get started for my Full Moon.

  2. Good luck! That’s an amazing and fun thing you are doing for a fabulous cause. We’ve just had a family scare ourself. The work the charity does means so much to so many women! x

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