13.5 Miles – Completed!

Yep as regular readers know on Saturday night Me and my Mum set off to do 13.5 miles around London in our decorated bras for the Walk the Walk Moonwalk to raise money for Breast Cancer care and research.

We set off at 7:30 on Saturday evening, the joy of living at the end of the piccadilly line! We arrived to find a mile long queue to get into Moonwalk City! So once we were in after 9pm we grabbed our dinner that is provided and eventually found a space in the giant tent amongst 17000 women to sit down and eat! It was surprisingly tasty! Once we’d eaten we got ourselves kitted up and dropped our bags to the bag store and decided we’d get some tattoos done.  The queue wasn’t too bad and once done we headed to the shop to pick up a few bits before listening to Nina (one of the founders) on stage along with some of the charities. One of the key messages I heard from one of the charities that receive funding from walk the walk is that they are striving for a world where women don’t need to fear breast cancer. One day! We kicked about in the tent for a while before our start at 12pm. We managed to get quite near the front of our start, clever planning, and were across the line at 12.04. Hyde Park was the first 3+ miles and was easy because there was enough space for everyone to walk and we had a good pace going. Then we had the gridlock that is Hyde Park corner. Walk the Walk can’t afford to close roads so you do have to wait for the green lights much to the frustration of some! I used it as a chance to have a snack hehe!

After that we headed past Buckingham palace and into St DS1ames Park, round horse guards parade and along to the Cenotaph and Downing Street before heading along to Embankment. From there we went along to St Pauls and continued around the City before crossing the river just before Tower Bridge. We then paved a route back around towards Waterloo where we rejoined the river at South Bank before doing a route around the back of the London Eye, over the bridge, up to parliament and back through St DS1ames and Hyde Park. 13.5 Miles in Total! We managed it in 4hrs 40 which was fantastic as my Mum really struggled the final 3 miles with her back following her spinal surgery in November. I was amazed she’d managed 10 miles with very little problem!

The atmosphere was incredible and there were some awesome bras and a suprising amount of men taking part. Some sparing us the sight of their beer bellies and hairy chests and others just going for the baring all but a bra! Costume of the night went to the ‘Pair of tits’ who were literally that. Tit 1 and Tit 2. Both of them had a giant inflatable boob on their front! Needless to say that got a good few cheers from supporters.

The walk the walk volunteers need commending for standing out in the cold all night long! And the cheers and shouts were so appreciated! Even from the drunken men who fall out of clubs and find 17000 women strolling past!

We finished and had to wait for my father, who it turned out stayed in bed an extra ten minutes after we rung him, so whilst waiting I ended up extremely cold and although I got home at sometime around 6am to two wide awake kids I didn’t feel warm again until about 11am!

Yesterday my legs were so painful especially in my lower right calf where I seem to have pulled a muscle. Today I am just achy but pleased I got a good nights sleep.

Would I do it again? Yes! In fact my next challenge will be doing a marathon power walk for CRUK in September!

Queueing to get into Moonwalk City!
Inside the massive tent
Name and number on the chest with a sharpie!
Bras on the face!
Trying to keep warm before setting off!
I look like a dork in a baseball cap!
All set and ready to go!
Walking through the finish!
Freezing cold waiting for my father!
Did it!

9 thoughts on “13.5 Miles – Completed!

  1. I am so pleased that you had fun at the Moonwalk and that you found room in the tent – I felt sorry for the people sitting outside as it was pretty darn cold!

    Well done on completing the half moon and in really good time as well!

    Maybe I’ll get to see you next year!

  2. It was a pleasure walking the walk with you – thank you so much and I am sorry I held you back. Many many congrats and you will o he 26 miles no problem 🙂

  3. Congrats and well done to you and your mum on such a great acheivement. I’m doing 10km walk in September and im only up to 5km so far and it soooooo far..lol

    Good luck for September
    Take care

    Lewis (first time daddy)

  4. Congratulations on your amazing achievement!

    The Moonwalk is a brilliant event – although I did question my sanity at mile 20 when my legs were aching.

    This was my 3rd Full Moonwalk & I have now officially retired, although I said that after my 2nd.

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