Review: Boy Tights from Slugs & Snails

I’ve blogged before about how I was struggling to find tights suitable for boys that didn’t feature embroidered flowers etc! Plain tights are impossible to find! So when I discovered Slugs and Snails I was thrilled! A company stocking tights specifically for boys in lovely boy designs!

There are a range of designs but I decided to try the ‘Out of this world’ set as I knew biggest would approve too as they are space designed with rockets and stars on! The tights are available in sizes suitable from Newborn up to 3 years. We went for the 6-12 months and they have plenty of room and plenty of length to them. They are slightly long for bubs but this hasn’t been a problem. I’m thrilled they have an anti grip sole to them as it won’t be long before the little guy starts thinking about walking and theres nothing worse than children slip sliding across laminate and lino!

I have received so many comments when bubs has been wearing these as I often dress him in them as a pair of trousers with nothing on top as they are nice and warm without needing to have anything extra on top. In the winter however they would be great as a way of keeping tootsies warm.

The other added bonus is bubs has recently got to the age where socks are a play toy which he likes to take off! Tights means he can’t do that! I also love them as when we are baby wearing I don’t have to worry about the gap that arises often between the end of trousers and the end of socks!

Would I recommend these? Absolutely! I will be purchasing more for us to use as I find them fantastic! I know not everyone agrees with boys wearing tights but the pros far outweigh the cons and when they are as cute as these and designed FOR BOYS, is there really any harm?

Check out their website at:


3 thoughts on “Review: Boy Tights from Slugs & Snails

  1. I put my son in tights under trousers in the cold weather when he was little and it was brilliant, I didn’t have to worry about the draughty gap at the bottom of trousers. I’m afraid that I did just go to the supermarket and bought him the plainest ones that I could find, and they did have a little bit of a girly pattern, but he didn’t mind!

    The ones that you have look lovely, if I’d seen this when he was little I would certainly have bought some!

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