Its a strange feeling…

…not being broody! I’ve spent much of the past four years or so broody at the sight of every baby/pregnancy/birth story etc. You know the gig! But recently I’ve realised I’m no longer broody. I can see a newborn and my ovaries don’t even tingle let alone twitch. My upstairs neighbours have a newborn. I’m talking a week old today. She is beautiful. But I don’t get the sudden urge to have another baby.

And its a good but odd feeling.

Its made me realise how content I am with my life at the moment. Big things are happening and changes are taking place. I’m happy with where I’m at and where I’m going. I’m extremely stubborn and that is helping me achieve the things I want to achieve. And most importantly I am happy with where I’m at as a parent. My family unit is complete. I always said I wanted two children, just like I grew up with my brother. Now I have that.

There is no denying ten years down the line I’m only going to be 32 and may decide that actually I’m not done but I know for the current time period I am. And that feels good. Now is time to focus on all these different ideas I have and to try and pin some of them down into materialising. My problem is I have 100 odd ideas of things I would love to do. But in reality I can’t do them all. And ultimately whilst I am studying I don’t get a great deal of spare time around that unfortunately.

I suspect the broodiness will return at some stage. Or maybe it won’t. When it does I’ll just get a dog that will tide me over right? Or maybe I’ll turn into a crazy cat lady?


One thought on “Its a strange feeling…

  1. This is a lovely post. You can never really say never but to know you are happy and content with what you have at the moment is a lovely feeling. Bravo!
    Lovely Blog

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