Cracking that back carry!

Yep I’m one of those baby wearing mums. One of those ones that ‘panders to her childs every need’ and ‘is creating a problem for herself’. If thats the way you see it don’t bother reading on!

Now I’m not a mum that baby wears exclusively. There are times when I don’t find it practical. However I do baby wear a lot. But nowhere near to the extreme of ‘all the time’. I’ve been wrapping with a FWCC (Forward Wrap Cross Carry) for some time now with both a moby and then a Lenny Lamb. However I’m still having massive issues with back carrys! And its really frustrating! Because I LOVE wraps! We have now got a few other safe hip positioning carriers such as the Boba and Connectas which are much easier to do back carrys with so they are my go to when I need to cook dinner or do the housework and its therefore impractical to wear a 20lb baby on your front. However if we go out from home I tend to wrap.

The issue I’ve got with the back carry is that I have a little man who chooses to push off my back whenever I’m bent over and holding him on my back whilst trying to wrap with my spare arm! Therefore when I do stand up he has created a massive gap of space making it less secure!

I need to get myself to a sling meet in order to get some lovely mums who are good at back carrying to help me get the knack of it. But sadly as none are that local to me it means putting in some serious planning in order to find the time to get to one! But I am going to do it! Perseverance, stubbornness and the old saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ will keep me soldiering on!


8 thoughts on “Cracking that back carry!

  1. I have stopped wearing my sling as the baby got too heavy for a front carry and I am clueless when it comes to back carry, so looking forward to reading about your recommendations!

  2. I must admit that I’m still not that confident with back carries myself. I still have a lot of practice to do! We have a brilliant sling meet here in Bristol though. Have you checked out the videos on the Natural Mamas website? There’s some good stuff there. Hope you crack it properly soon. At the moment I mainly wear her on my back but in the ERGO.

    1. Yeah we are wearing on the back with our boba and connectas but my wraps are taunting me and I’m determined 😀 Just wish I had a sling meet within a good distance!

  3. How are you getting him on your back? There’s a way of tossing them over your shoulder that means they are in the right position and you’re already upright, but you definitely need it demoing.

    1. I tend to do the superman way so he’s up nice and high! I don’t like the one where you slide them under the arm. And he’s too wiggly for that!

  4. I need to go to a sling meet! We have a Baby Bjorn (which E loves now she’s forward-facing – she likes being able to look around) but never got round to getting a sling as wasn’t sure which was best. Sounds like you’ve tried loads though 🙂

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