Review: The Collective Dairy Yoghurt

I’m not a big yoghurt fan it has to be said! I’m picky about flavours and normally I find yoghurt, even flavoured ones to be extremely bland. However I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Collective Dairy range of yoghurts. There are a range of flavours and we tried the Passionfruit, Russian Fudge and Cherry + Pomegranate. The yoghurts are truly of the gormeut range with such rich flavoursome tastes which you don’t get in normal yoghurts! They are incredibly creamy and what shocked me was that they are 95% fat free! When you taste them you’ll wonder the same thing as me. How are such delicious, rich flavours, fat free?!

The collective dairy originally began in New Zealand as the brain wave of two chefs, Ofer and Angus. They wanted to create a flavoursome yoghurt, and they achieved that. Within 10 months the collective was a best selling yoghurt in New Zealand. I think its safe to say they have achieved their goal. These yoghurts are amazing. They aren’t cheap but for something your actually going to eat and going to WANT to eat its a sacrifice I’m prepared to pay personally.

I’ve loved enjoying the passionfruit for breakfast and the russian fudge as desert after dinner. I even shared a small amount with my Mum who was equally impressed! My eldest son isn’t big on yoghurt but he had a small taster and declared it yummy although didn’t have any more! The fact he didn’t recoil in horror suggests secretly he loved it!

Would I buy it personally again? Absolutely!

The Collective Dairy yoghurts are available in Sainsburys and Waitrose as well as some other stockists.

You may also be interesting in seeing a winner of one of the Collective Dairys competitions being locked in a room with Keith Chegwin for 3 hours! Poor guy!

Disclosure: Voucher received free in exchange for this review. Please see Disclosure Policy Here.


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