Aiming for that goal!

Regular readers know I’m a bit of a challenge enthusiast. I’ve done London to Brighton on the bike 3 times for the BHF. I’ve run the 5K Adidas Womens challenge 3 times. A few weeks ago I walked 13 miles around London for Breast Cancer. Why do I do it? Because if I didn’t have these targets I wouldn’t exercise! I have to have a purpose. A reason to get off my back side and move!

Today Britmums held their twitter party #mums4good. I only caught the tail end of it and tweeted ‘if you want to get fit set yourself a goal like a 5km and get sponsored for charity. It will motivate you to train and complete’. Because for me thats how I raise money for charity and I get fit and occasionally if I’m lucky lose a bit of weight at the same time.

And on the day, when you do those events, if the going gets tough, as it often does when your faced with massive hills between London and Brighton, its the fact that people have paid money to a charity for you to complete this task that keeps you going and carries you through. Its the memory of those you’ve lost or that friends have lost. And it helps lift you up and remind you why you signed up to do something crazy in the first place.

My next challenge, that I signed up to 2 days after the Moonwalk is to do CRUK Shine in September. A whole 26 miles of power walking. Double what I did for the moonwalk. But do you know what I can’t wait! It gives me something to aim for. A reason to go out walking even when its boiling hot and its the last thing I feel like doing. Even when I’m alone and have no one to walk with, although sometimes thats heaven!

You don’t have to set yourself a big goal. Even just walking a 5K like the Race for Life is a target to have. A reason to be motivated and to raise money at the same time. See if it helps get you motivated!

Oh and my tweet won me a ticket to Britmums Live so I shall see some of you there! Yay!


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