Am I crazy?

I think I just might be! Last week I signed up for my next two, yes two, open university courses. These will complete my level 2 courses and start my level 3. Why do I think I may be mad? Because right now I’m struggling significantly to find the time for one course. I am only guaranteed 2 hours study time a week, for a 13 hour a week course, the rest of it I have to squeeze in here and there. I’m also struggling due to mixed messages from our tutor, but thats another very long story that I won’t go into whilst I’m still studying under him, but when I’ve finished this course there will be a rant I promise!

I love studying and it is seriously addictive. It is reaching a goal that I am desperate to achieve. Getting a degree in a subject that matters to me.

Everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is I’m studying with two kids, one being a young baby, and being a single mum, and all the other hats I’m juggling. But its what I do. I thrive off being busy! I can’t do relaxation and chilling out. I get twitchy if I have a day where I don’t have something arranged!

I am halfway through the current course I am doing. I’m not enjoying it theres no denying that. Its outdated in a lot of its content. Irrelevant to practice.

The two courses I am studying from October would appear to be far more related to practice and about subjects that matter to me. The course I’m doing now is compulsory for the degree, so I didn’t get a say in doing it. But theres no way I would have chosen it.

I do find it hard to get my head down. And I’m better when the clock is ticking and I know its only a week or so until assignment hand-in, then suddenly I find the motivation to study. I wish I was better at spacing it out but I’m not. I’m easily distracted by friends. Very few of whom encourage me to sit down and study rather than chat etc, although one or two do. But with an exam coming up at the end of this course I know I need to get my head in the right place and focus. I need to find some enjoyment from this course and begin making notes for revision.

The end is in sight. I’ve crossed the half way point. My degree is within reach! How I’ll handle two courses together I don’t know but I know I’m going to give it my best bloody shot!

Wish me luck! And send any motivational vibes you have my way! Cheers 😉


3 thoughts on “Am I crazy?

  1. Keeping doing something just for you is great, you sound like me in the motivation stakes – give me 100 things to do i’ll do 99 or 100, give me 3 and I’ll do none, 1 if you’re lucky! You’ll stop when it’s the end or it’s right to stop. Xx

  2. I thrive off being busy too! Wishing you the best of luck Hayley – you know where I am on Twitter & Tumblr if you want to chat, celebrate or commiserate throughout your learning journey!

    I find two or more modules have more variety to choose from to keep me motivated through long study days!

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