Thinking Slimmer Update

So its been a few weeks since I last updated on how I am doing with Thinking Slimmer. And I have to admit for a while I fell off the wagon a bit. Although I wasn’t eating massive amounts of chocolate bars as I have done in the past I was eating a heck of alot of sugary cakes. I was still constantly searching for the sugar fix.

I had a chat with the lovely Sandra from Thinking Slimmer and we agreed I’d stop listening to the chocolate pod and listen to the sugar one instead to see if that helped. We discussed the fact alot of my eating is emotional eating. If I’m stressed I seek out food, in the past chocolate and then when I wasn’t having chocolate, sugar. So I’ve been listening to it for about 2-3 weeks now I think and I’m starting to see differences.

I haven’t completely stopped buying sugary things but when I do and I eat them I”m not enjoying them if that makes sense, not in the way that I normally do. I’m just eating it for the hell of it, so now I need to overcome the buying it in the first place.

A big change for me is that I’ve significantly reduced the amount of Ribena I am drinking. Since I had my first son 5 years ago I”ve been addicted to the stuff. I’m talking 2-3 bottles a day or glasses. The past week I’ve had only a handful of glasses and I”m actually drinking water, albeit bottled because I’m funny about tap water, but I”m drinking water! Bloody amazing for anyone that knows me! I am not a water person!

I’m noticing I’m snacking less again now. I’m not immediately turning to food and I’ve conquered the evening ‘the boys are in bed I need something sweet’ craving.

Oh and the other big change. I’ve been eating salad! I usually despise salad with a passion but this week I’ve actually eaten it a few times! Never happens!

I’ve had a few walks over the past couple of weeks but I need to start seriously thinking about training for this 26 mile walk in September! I had an appointment thursday about my toe which my GP had thought they may do something about there and then and so I was all geared up for them too but they didn’t which was kind of annoying really as I’m dying to get back to running. Instead I’ve got to wait for an appointment to come through for day surgery and they will remove the nail under a local anaesthetic. Quite frankly I am shitting a brick about it. They could have done a general but as I’m breastfeeding still I knew a local was a safer option. I am seriously scared but the benefits of a local far outweigh the benefits of a general! Going to seek out some hypnotherapy to calm me for that though me thinks!

So the changes are happening and hopefully I’ll start seeing a difference in my waistline soon! Target weight here we come!

Disclosure: Slimpods received free in agreement to me being a casestudy. 


2 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer Update

  1. It sounds like you are having a similar experience to me. I noticed a difference and then felt myself slipping back a bit. I’d like to be more active too. I’m going to be having a chat with Sandra tomorrow and hope that we can come up with a plan for moving forward from here.

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