I was a pramaholic, now I’m a…

With my first son I was addicted to buggys. That was an expensive habit I can tell you! Pramaholic you could have called me! It was a running joke with many of my friends as to what buggy I would have next. With no2 it seems I am now a slingaholic! I’ve got an array of babywearing carriers now!

So heres how it went! It started out with the lovely SnafflesMummy sending me her DIY carrier which was an awesome introduction to babywearing and I quickly got hooked! So then I brought a cot2tot wrap at The Baby Show last year. After that it was time for a Moby! A lovely black one (my favourite colour!)

Then I went to the Baby Show again the following February and brought a Mei Tai, my first! For a while I struggled with it but I eventually got the hang of it! And even managed a few back carries with it although never found it completely comfortable.

Eventually though the little guy wasn’t so little and stretchys just werent supportive enough! So I invested in a lenny lamb bamboo and one of my friends kindly sent me her beautiful girasol. Using a woven meant I could start trying back carrying with them, but thats a whole other post (here).

I also then decided that wraps werent ideal for the school run as when we get out the car if its wet I don’t want lengths of material getting soaked and dirty! So I knew it was time for a ring sling and to look into SSC’s (Soft Structured Carriers).

TL: Back Carry Mei Tai, TR: Back Carry Girasol Wrap, BL: Ring Sling, BR: Connecta

We now have a Boba 2g which I find great for back carries but not so fab for front carrying. The Boba is generally my around the house easy to pop on and off carrier. We also got a connecta, a beautiful owl one. It was fantastic! So quick and easy for both front and back carrys and extremely comfortable! Our first one seemed to have lots of sleepy dust in it as the first time I wore the little guy out we popped the sleep hood up and he conked out for over an hour!

Then my ring sling arrived and my stash is now almost complete! My ring sling I find great for the school run as I can just pop him in, adjust and off we go! That and as an in the car sling for if we are popping into shops etc!

Will it end there? Probably not! I have my eye on another beautiful rainbow wrap! I seem to have a thing for rainbows! And I’m looking at getting some shorter wraps, probably a size 3 or 4 as well as a non padded RS…

Sling-aholic? Definately!


3 thoughts on “I was a pramaholic, now I’m a…

  1. Very usueful post thanks, I am really researching as can only afford one sling and don’t want to waste my money. I like the look of the Girasol wrap

      1. I have a natibaby now and love it! Have sorted a few back and front carries and tempted by a shorter one to try some new ones! I also have an ERGO which I love and is easy and quick to put on when out and about. I love prams and slings!

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