Blood donors saved my life!

This week has been National Blood Week. It still is until tomorrow anyway! I’m a bit late to the game, busy week, but figured I would post again about my experience of receiving blood. Knees Up Mother Brown also received blood during childbirth like myself and she has done a number of interviews this week for press. Afterall without blood donors I wouldn’t still be here!


I was unfortunate. Not all births are traumatic, the majority go according to plan. Mine didn’t. I had complications that hadn’t been picked up during pregnancy so when I went into theatre as an ’emergency c-section’ the medical team, nor myself, were expecting what then occurred.

After my son had been delivered they went about stitiching me up. It was at that point they discovered things werent as they seemed. Or as the Doctor put it, and I heard, ‘That doesn’t look quite right’. They had tried to stitch me up the ‘normal’ way and it turned out I wasn’t normal. My uterus’ were infact two uterus’ and my bladder was attached to one and had been cut. I spent almost three hours on the operating table whilst they figured out what went where.

Eventually I was wheeled into the high dependancy unit, however the drama of the night didn’t end there. I then clotted severely and I won’t even begin to tell you how they removed those clots. Some of you are probably aware of the how. It wasn’t nice, and it was flamin painful. By this point I had received 3 pints of blood, and I now needed a further 3. That blood saved my life.

I wouldn’t be sitting here today, writing this, listening to my two gorgeous boys snoring, if I hadn’t received that blood. But I was only able to receive it because 4% of the population were kind enough to donate. 4%? How insanely tiny is that in comparison to the size of this country!? Most healthy adults can give blood, with a few exceptions, but it seems they don’t. Fear of needles? Just think if you got over that fear you could help save a life!? Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling?

This year there are many great events happening in the UK but that is going to put a massive strain on the blood stock levels and they need your help to keep those up! My Dad regularly gives blood, he makes his next appointment when he is there doing it. I’m proud that he does.

I wish I could give blood. And it bugs me on a daily basis that I can’t. Why does it bug me? Because I recieved blood and now I’ve got enough of my own again I wish I could give something back. But current rules mean if you’ve recieved it you can’t give it. 😦 But that doesn’t mean I can’t nag those of you who can give it!

Please, if your a healthy adult, consider donating, its not as painful as you think, it will save lives, and one day you might need some of that donated blood, but that donated blood is only there in the first place because people got off their backside and went and gave it. But if they don’t it won’t be there and it may not be for those who need it. Please register today and help save a life.


5 thoughts on “Blood donors saved my life!

  1. I’m fortunate enough that I’ve never had to receive blood, despite having it ready for transfusion during my last pregnancy. I have donated once and plan to do again (pregnancy, operation and another pregnancy have halteres this). I also nag my very blood phobic husband to donate. He’s tries to go several times but chickened out. I will make sure that when I’m able to donate again, that he’ll come with me and we’ll do it together 🙂

  2. This is a great post on the importance of blood donation. I also have had two transfusions after the birth of two of my children. My first baby was a particularly traumatic delivery and I lost a lot of blood. Fortunately I was able to get a blood transfusion but without that I would have been very ill. Like you I’m not now able to donate blood which is a real shame but my husband did for many years. It was his way of expressing gratitude to the NHS and those who gave blood and who helped me and my family.

  3. Great post Hayley, I received three units after a PPH following my girl’s birth (yes, had those clots removed too and would rather go through most things than that again!)
    My condition wasn’t life threatening but it turned what would have been months of recovery into a few days. I went from being too weak to walk to the bathroom to being able to carry my daughter around and look after my toddler.
    I am so grateful to the people who do give blood, my partner included, I wish I could too.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you had a traumatic birth experience, but delighted you are here to share your story.

    I too had an emergency c-section following a placental abruption. Long story, short – multiple transfusions here too.

    It has taken me a long time to recover from that experience, emotionally, but I am forever grateful to those who donated blood in order that I am here today.

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